BTS Poster

Display Your BTS Pride With BTS Posters

If you are a fan of the Bangtan Boys, then a BTS poster can be a great way to show off your interests and highlight your favorite boy band. You can hang a BTS poster on your wall, in your locker or on a corkboard to brighten up your day with regular glimpses of BTS members. You can find all sorts of new BTS posters on eBay, so it is easy to get one with the members, albums, or songs that you love.

How do you pick a BTS poster?

Follow these steps to select the perfect BTS posters for your room:

  • Band member: Pick a poster that features Jungkook, Suga, Jimin, or another one of your preferred members.
  • Size: Choose from mini posters that are about the size of your hand or full-size posters that cover a significant portion of the wall.
  • Album: You can select a poster like the BTS Persona Poster or BTS Love Yourself Poster that showcases your favorite album or EP by the band.
  • Condition: Decide if you want a new BTS poster still wrapped in its original packaging or if you are fine picking a cheap BTS poster that may have some wear and tear.
Features to look for in BTS posters

Here are some great features you might want to think about when deciding on a poster:

  • Clear backgrounds: Some BTS posters are known for having a translucent background that gives the poster a unique look.
  • Frames and mats: Select preframed posters if you want a frame or mat that works well with a BTS poster's size.
  • Signed images: Get an extra-personal touch by selecting a BTS poster that contains the autographs of band members.
  • Poster sets: Some BTS poster sets may contain multiple posters, albums, CDs, or other band memorabilia.
  • Limited edition: Consider getting a poster that only had a very small amount of prints if you want a rare design.
What materials are BTS posters made from?

This will depend on the affordable BTS poster you select. The smaller photo card posters are frequently made from a stiff cardboard material, while the larger posters are made of coated paper that has a flexible feel and a glossy finish. If you select one of the special clear posters, it will be made from a synthetic plastic material that allows light to shine through the poster. To see what any specific poster is made from, check the product description.