BMX Bikes

BMX bikes

eBay has the BMX (Bicycle Moto Cross) bike for you. Whether you're riding preference is park, dirt, flatland or race, you’ll find your ideal bike here.

If you’re new to the sport, probably the most important question is where do you want to ride? Frame weight and length, tire size, sprocket size, all vary depending on their targeted application, be it dirt, street, parks or track. BMX bikes are available in many sizes and price ranges, and everyone from enthusiasts to professionals will find their perfect bike on eBay. Beginner bikes are heavier with all steel frames. Moving up the quality scale, you find bikes that slash the weight with chromoly frames and bars for faster racing and easier stunts. Some of the higher-priced bikes feature aluminum and carbon-fiber frames. They also tend to be highly customized, with after-market seats, sprockets, tires, cranks and other parts. You can find a wide selection of these premium parts on eBay.

BMX Racing wheels come in different sizes, from 16" to 26". The most popular by far is the 20", although the larger sizes are often more comfortable for older riders. The cassette hub has become the preferred hub type due to lighter weight and greater clearance for tricks. These usually feature a gear ratio of around 2.8:1.

What are the types of BMX bikes?

  • Park – Park style or vert BMX bikes are streamlined to reduce weight. These bikes may have brakes installed, but many riders remove them. The tires are thinner than the ones found on dirt bikes.
  • Dirt– Dirt style BMX bikes share many of the features of park bikes, but have wider tires with tread designed for loose surfaces.
  • Flatland– Shorter, stronger frames are required on these bikes to make it easy to do tricks while standing on the bike.
  • Race– Racing style BMX bikes are geared towards high-speed, and have a large front sprocket to increase torque. These bikes have brakes installed.
  • Street– These bikes tend to be heavier than other types due to riding on street surfaces. They come with pegs extending from the axles so that riders can stand on them to do tricks. There are usually no brakes on these bikes, to allow for more tricks.

What are some popular choices for the beginning BMXer?

Yamaha® Moto BMX Sports Child Motorcycle - 12-Inch:

  • Steel construction
  • Training wheels
  • 16-spoke BMX tires
  • Motocross seat and coaster brakes

Dynacraft® Boys 20 Inch Krusher® Sixteen20 Bike Shop

  • Steel frame, coaster brakes
  • Recommended for ages 6-10
  • Stomper wheels with fat tires
  • Padded saddle

20" Kent® 32034 Chaos Boys BMX Bike Outdoor Sport

  • Steel frame and alloy brakes
  • For kids up to 100 lbs.
  • BMX quick-release saddle
  • Freestyle handlebars

20" Kent 2 Cool Girls BMX Bike Satin Purple

  • Drop bar steel frame
  • Rear foot brake, dual hand brakes
  • Pretty purple padded seat

Mid-level bikes for teens/adults

Redline® Asset 24 BMX Freestyle Bike 2017

  • Perfect for parks and trails
  • Chromoly, gloss black frame
  • Monster pedals, sealed bearing, 3pc chrome cranks
  • Sealed rear hub with 14mm chromo axle


  • Perfect for those who find a 20” BMX bike a bit too small
  • Chromoly frame and bars
  • 177mm chromoly 3pc crank
  • 3/8” sealed front hub
  • 14mm sealed cassette rear hub
  • Double walled 22 x 1.75” rims
  • Fit Key alloy sprocket
  • 28.2 lbs.

Ultimate customized bikes for serious riders

Fully Custom Carbon Supercross Envy BLK Pro XXL BMX Racing Bike Box Speedline

  • Carbon fiber frame
  • 21.75” top tube
  • 20” wheels
  • Rear Hub: Stealth Pro 36H
  • Front Hub: Stealth Pro S3 20mm 36H
  • Cranks: Box Vector M30-P 180mm
  • Forks: Supercross BLK 20mm Pro Carbon

FIT 2010 TRL3 used BMX

  • Rouge Status seat
  • Chrome mini cassette Profile Front and back hubs
  • Chrome Odyssey® 7KA Front and back rims
  • S&M® camo redneck XLT stem
  • Gold Animal® brake cable

What size bike should I choose?

Ride size and wheel/tube size

  • Less than 3 feet: 12” Wheel
  • 3-3.5 feet: 16” Wheel
  • 3.5-4.5 feet:18” Wheel
  • 4-5.5 feet: 20” Wheel/18-20.25” Top Tube
  • 5-6 feet: 20” Wheel/20.25-21” Top Tube
  • Over 6 feet: 20” Wheel/21” Top Tube or Longer

What is Chromoly?

Chromium-molybdenum steel is not as light as aluminum, but it has high tensile strength and malleability. It is easy to work with and much stronger than standard steel tubing. It is also used for race-car roll cages.

Brief History of BMX

1972 - The movie “On Any Sunday” showed kids in Southern California riding their Schwinn® Stingrays motocross-style. BMX became a nation-wide sport almost overnight. Stingrays were the perfect bike to customize for off-road use.

Mid- 1970’s – Manufacturers began releasing special purpose bikes for BMX.

1977 – Different areas all over the United States were organizing BMX races. The American Bicycle Association was created to standardize the rules and methods of racing, and act as the national authority on the sport.

1979 – The BMX Action Trick Team is formed, the first freestyle team. Bob Haro and John Swanguen had begun riding in skate parks, and developing tricks back in 1976, which became known as freestyle, which eventually eclipsed the popularity of BMX racing during the 1980’s.

1982 – The International BMX Federation held the first world championship races. BMX Freestyle bikes are introduced for performing tricks and featured heavier tubing, front and rear brakes.

1995 – The sport had been in decline for a while, but the X-Games brought back the widespread enthusiasm, as well as a huge audience.

2008 – BMX racing is introduced as an Olympic sport in Beijing. The US team takes home three Olympic medals.

The history of BMX bikes is rich and varied, from its humble beginnings of customized Schwinn bikes to the advanced engineering of today’s feather-light carbon-fiber framed models. Are you looking for a “classic” bike, a sub-$100 model for the kids, or something worthy of a pro? eBay has what you’re looking for.