Sometimes, having a virtual meeting rather than an in-person meeting can be easier to organize and get the message out quickly. Avaya was founded in 2000 as a subsidiary of Lucent Technologies. It provides business communications solutions, such call center, team collaboration, conferencing, and desk phones.

How many people can conference with Avaya phones?

The Avaya Scopia IP office phone system allows you to share documents and videos with multiple people. Users can see what you share on a big screen in a virtual meeting room. The unit has 80 HD ports, which means that you can share information on up to 80 screens at once. The system also has the capacity to stream and record sessions. This technology allows you to have a face-to -face conversation with anyone in the organization right from your desk. The system can also be adapted to desktop and mobile apps.

What server does the Avaya IP office phone require?

The Avaya IP Office phone system is designed to operate on a Linux server. The Avaya 9.0 release allows the system to be scaled to up to 2,000 users spread across 32 different locations. It also allows 150 voicemail channels, 750 One-X Mobile portal users, 256 conference channels, 85 recording channels, and a paging group size of 128. These upgrades require a server that can handle this increased capacity.

Can you use Avaya on any phone system?

Most modern phone systems are compatible with VoIP technology. You can connect almost any newer phone to an Avaya VoIP system. However, older phones might not be able to connect to newer technology such as SIP trunking. Many times, a legacy phone system can be hooked to a new system. Different types of adapters and accessories are available that allow you to do this.

Avaya has solutions that allow you to connect legacy phones. This can extend the life of your existing communication system, but it may also limit its capabilities. The older the legacy phone system, the more it makes sense to upgrade to a newer Avaya IP office system that will last for a long time.

Do Avaya phones avoid latency?

Older equipment can cause problems such as gaps or pauses in the conversation that can create a poor customer experience. This is called latency and has to do with the speed that the system can transfer the data. Latency can cause lag or sound distortion that affects the quality of the call. The ability to reduce latency depends on having a quality internet connection and service routers. Avaya seeks to reduce latency and provide a quality experience.

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