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Add More Hens to Your Flock with Automatic Egg Incubator

If you love having your own egg-producing hens, you know that you have to keep adding to the flock for optimum production. Having your own automatic egg incubator will give you the results you are looking for. Not only is it easy and cost-effective, but it's a lot of fun to watch the chicks hatch.

What are the automatic functions of the incubator?

Most new and used automatic incubators found on eBay control temperature, circulate air, and turn the eggs automatically. Temperature control is the most important factor for success. Different types of poultry eggs require slightly different temperatures. First, determine the temperature necessary for your type of eggs, then set the thermostat and let the incubator reach that temperature before adding the eggs.

Another handy function some machines have is automatic turning. Poultry eggs must be turned a certain number of times per day. Automatic turners slowly slide the drawers back and forth so the eggs rotate. If your machine doesn't do this automatically, you will have to do it manually.

How many eggs fit into the incubator?

There are many different sizes of machines available on eBay. Depending on your needs, there are incubators that hold as few as seven or 10 eggs, and others that hold up to 112 eggs. If you aren't sure what size to order, just remember that the larger capacity machines do not have to be full to run properly, so they may be a better choice.

Different types of bird eggs have different incubation periods. Generally, the larger the egg, more time is necessary for them to hatch. Chicken eggs require 21 days in total, and you must stop turning them after 18 days. Quail eggs require 19 days total. The different types of eggs that can be incubated in these machines are:

  • Chicken
  • Duck
  • Turkey
  • Quail or Partridge
  • Parrot
How do you clean and maintain an automatic incubator?

During incubation, the most important thing is to keep the water at proper levels so that the eggs do not dry out and the machine does not overheat. Immediately after you remove all the chicks and un-hatched eggs, you need to clean the machine well.

  • Gently vacuum the inside with a cloth-covered hose.
  • Use hot water mixed with mild detergent and a small amount of chlorine to wipe down all the removable parts as well as the inside.
  • Dry well and leave the machine open to air dry totally before putting it away.