Aurora is a toy model manufacturing company that provides a large number of HO models, slot cars, accessory items, and even chassis. They help provide motor modeling a broad range of options, like slot cars and racing cars. Understanding their line can make it easier for you to choose a wheel, chassis, and HO slot car that meets your unique Tyco modeling needs.

How do Aurora slot cars vary?

Aurora has many types of slot cars, including Aurora AFX varieties, that you can consider buying. Some of their most diverse types include their AFX HO slot cars. These are split up into two different AFX slot car categories. The first type of HO slot cars include those made before 1970 and any AFX HO accessory items that go with them.

The other HO slot cars available to you include those made after 1970. These Aurora AFX types have a variety of HO accessory items, such as wheels, that can be used for your motoring and wheel modeling. The chassis of each HO vehicle will vary depending on many options. Some AFX chassis will allow you to adjust their shape and look by using a simple putty knife.

Beyond HO slot cars, you can also buy other HO models and chassis, including monster trucks and military aircraft. The Thunderjet is one type of Aurora AFX model and chassis that you can buy. The Thunderjet uses the HO scale to produce a miniaturized jet chassis. Those who purchase the Thunderjet or t-jet car can also pair it up with other AFX Thunderjet accessory items, such as miniature pilots and similar chassis products.

What other modeling kits are available?

In addition to slot cars and other Aurora AFX vehicle chassis options, there are many different types of Aurora items available. These models usually use the HO scale to make them easier to handle and build. The chassis of each model will vary, depending on the type. For example, AFX chassis usually use the HO scale similar to the slot car models to create a chassis.

Other Aurora and Aurora AFX items that you can consider building include HO chassis sets for a variety of AFX superheroes, Aurora military models and chassis, and a multitude of Aurora AFX items. Examples are the Aurora Model Motoring kits, Aurora Model Motoring tracks, and more. Different AFX vehicles include the AFX Magna-Traction, the HO slot car Aurora AFX AMC Javelin, the Peterbilt cars, and the Aurora Thunderjet 500 XKE Jaguar. Make sure to thoroughly research which Aurora item you want to buy to ensure it meets the HO scale requirements.

What Aurora and AFC models are available?

Specific Aurora racing cars, AFX items, and slot racer cars that you can consider purchasing include the following:

  • Oldsmobile Tornado White Slot Car
  • Aurora Vibrator Corvette Slot Car
  • AFX Ford Torino Slot Car
  • Aurora Tuff One's Camaro T Jet Slot Car
  • AFX T Jet Red Maserati Slot Car
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