Unlike in the past, you don't need an entire room to store your library since you can listen to your books while doing almost anything. Thanks to audiobooks, you can store all the contents of your library on your computer, phone, tablet, or MP3 player and access them at any time you like. With audiobooks on cassette and CD, you can enjoy great stories performed by voices that bring characters to life.

Can you save audiobooks to your computer?

While cassette tape and CD audiobooks carry the weight of storage by themselves, digital audiobooks can be saved to your computer via several different means. Here are the more common ways to save audiobooks on your computer.

  • Access from cloud storage: If you have audiobooks saved to cloud storage library, you can access them from your computer and other internet-connected devices
  • Transfer from e-readers: You can connect your e-reader or another device via cable to your computer to transfer the files
What kind of audiobooks are available to listen to?

Thankfully, most types of books are available digitally if you prefer listening to them rather than reading print. The following are several types of audiobooks that are available for most devices:

  • Best-sellers: Most best-sellers will be released in audible formats at the same time or shortly after the release of the print version
  • Non-fiction books: Non-fiction books such as biographies and history books are available for most e-readers
  • Science-fiction: Both well-known and less-common titles are available for those who prefer to listen to their books
  • How-to guides: How-to guides ranging from crafts to machine repair have been released in audible format
How long are audiobooks in general?

The amount of time for the audiobook depends on how long the book is. For instance, a longer book can last several hours and a shorter one may be less than an hour long. Typically, you can find the length of each audiobook in its description.

How many digital audiobooks can you store at a time?

The number of books you can store depends on the storage capacity of your e-reader and the length and file-size of the audiobooks. For those with e-readers or computers with large internal storage capacities, the number of books that can be stored is nearly unlimited. For those that want truly unlimited audiobooks, an internet-connected device equipped with cloud-storage offers more room than most e-readers that store their files internally. This kind of storage uses the internet to keep your files remotely on servers with a more extensive storage capacity.

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