How Did Audi Come Out On Top?

Audi didn't just start life as a high-quality vehicle; the brand also made a name for itself in racing. Through the years, Audi has experienced many highs and lows, including massive vehicle recalls; however, the company was able to get itself back on track and make its name as a high-performance car company that creates noteworthy cars in numerous models with many features.

What is Audi's History?

Audi was once part of an automobile group that consisted of three other vehicle brands, but August Horch (the creator of Audi) separated Audi from the group and went on his own in 1910. His first line of vehicles was known for something unusual; an oil-wetted filter. The cars also steadily earned a reputation for racing. Partially bought out by Volkswagen, Audi continued to produce vehicles until sales dropped due to recalls in the 1980's. Following this, the brand was able to refresh and rejuvenate itself and become a competitor in the market again at the start of the new millennium.

What are Some Noteworthy Audi Models?

Audi is known for its attention to detail and its luxury sedan models. Over the years, the company progressed and produced many types of cars beloved for their designs as well as for their features.

  • Audi makes high-performance sedans, which include models like the S7, A5, S5, and A3. These are four-door family cars that combine safety with performance and a sleek design to create a sporty and comfortable car.
  • Opt for a larger vehicle when you pick an Audi SUV or wagon. These oversized vehicles, including the SQ5, Q3, Q7 and the A4, offer a spacious interior and an all-road design for power and performance.
  • For a sportier option, select an Audi coupe, which is a two-door design that's small and powerful. Models like the A5 Coupe and the S5 Coupe hug every curve and look attractive on the road.
  • Cruise with the top down with an Audi convertible, such as the A3 Cabriolet or TT Roadster.
What Features Does Audi Offer?

Audi has plenty in the way of perks to offer potential drivers. Some features you may want to take advantage of when purchasing an Audi include a turbocharged engine with 450 hp under the hood, as well as a sporty exterior design. Audi also offers its consumers a cool tech twist with its head-up display, which instantly provides important navigation information as you drive. A complete parking system that includes a camera and sensors allows you to park perfectly each time, and you can easily enable Apple CarPlay or Android Auto to sync your car with your devices for easy use. Adaptive cruise control, a Bose sound system, and active lane assist are even more benefits you’ll find in an Audi.

What are Audi's Safety Features?

Audi isn't just another pretty face. While its vehicles are sleek, stylish, sporty, and filled with features, they're also safe to drive. Adaptive cruise control technology lets you safely maintain a proper distance behind other cars, and LED headlights are energy efficient and bright on the road. A top-view camera gives you information from every direction, while front and rear parking sensors ensure that you're parking safely.