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Audi Car and Truck Emblems

Most Audi cars and trucks come from the manufacturer with some sort of emblem on them denoting the Audi brand. However, your emblem might have become damaged and need to be replaced, or you might have bought your Audi from a private seller only to find that it didn't have an Audi emblem on it. Fortunately, you can buy emblems for Audi cars and trucks.

What types of Audi car and truck emblems are there?

Audi cars and trucks come from the auto company with various types of emblems on them, some of which include the following:

  • Hood emblems: As their name implies, these emblems are located on the hood of the car or truck. They're usually screwed into the hood via mount, and some are spring-loaded to keep them from breaking off the vehicle.
  • Grill emblems: These attach to the car or truck's grill via screws or studs.
  • Badge emblems: Badge emblems are the ones that may be found on various places on a car or truck, such as on the left and right sides just under the windows, the rear of the vehicle, or even on the hood.
What styles of Audi car and truck emblems are there?

Most companies offer different types of car logos, all of which denote different information about the vehicle.

  • Manufacturer: This emblem features the manufacturer of the vehicle, Audi. It's usually placed on the front and rear of Audi trucks and cars.
  • Model: This designates which model Audi the car or truck is. This type of logo is usually found on one or both sides of the vehicle, behind and slightly above the tires of the vehicle, and on the rear of the vehicle. Examples of Audi models include A3, A4, A5, and Q5.
  • Sports team: If you want to show support for your favorite sports team on your Audi vehicle, you can do so by placing a sports team logo on your vehicle. These are usually placed on the rear of the vehicle, although technically you can place them wherever you wish.
  • Novelty: Novelty logos show love and support for your favorite movies, designs, beliefs, or anything else that you want to feature on your car or truck.
  • Vintage: Vintage emblems are ones that are from previous autos. Oftentimes they're considered collector's items, but some vehicle owners place them on their cars and trucks to give them a nostalgic, classic vibe.
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