Since the invention of the first locomotive in the early 1800s, trains have played a big role in history, and many people find them fascinating. Athearn produces a variety of locomotive models and trains that can be used by a variety of different builders. They build them at a range of different scales and use powering methods such as diesel to keep them operating. Knowing the difference between these Pacific model trains and others can help you choose just the right train.

What scale types are available?

Typically speaking, Athearn produces train and locomotive models and cars at the HO scale. The HO scale is one of the most commonly used for model trains. HO has been used to produce a variety of model trains over the years due to its more compact design, which allows you to place more models in the same amount of space.

The ratio of HO is 1:87, making it one of the tightest for modeling. That said, there may be some cars in O and N sizes. Some train modelers may want to choose them over HO for certain situations. For example, N is a lot smaller than HO, at a ratio of 1:160. For those making model trains, it may be a bit small. However, it can be useful if an HO set would be too large for your building area. The O ratio is 1:45, making it more suitable for individuals who are creating more extensive detailed models.

What kinds of cars are available?

Athearn produces a broad range of car types. They usually emulate models that use a variety of different fuel types, including coal and diesel.

The power source for a model usually comes from a plug in the wall. This power source attaches directly to the track and provides electricity that keeps the locomotive running. However, other types may include a power source directly on the vehicle. This type uses a remote to control how fast it drives, when it brakes, and how it handles various turns. The type you purchase will vary depending on your modeling needs.

What trains are available?

Those interested in trains produced by Athearn have many locomotive choices. The different model trains and locomotive cars built by this manufacturer include the following:

  • 62' Tank Cars
  • EMD Model 40
  • Union Pacific RS6
  • Vintage Train Rolling Stock Kit
  • Union Pacific MOW
  • Genesis Weathered Santa Fe
  • Diesel Locomotive
  • Veranda Gas Turbine
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