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Expand Your Collection of Monetary Memorabilia With Rare Asian Coins

Old coins from Asia can be a good way to start a collection of rare items or increase the set you have already. You can look at eBay to find old coins for sale that were produced in various Asian countries across the globe. Understanding some of the ways you can organize your search will help you choose the Asian coins that match your collecting preferences.

Finding authentic Asian village coins

If you want to make sure the rare Asian coins you find from various villages, towns, or cities are the kinds you want to add to your collection, there are a few ways to categorize your search:

  • NGC - The Numismatic Guaranty Corporation has been providing authentication to Asian coins and others for several decades. The corporation can grade coins, encapsulate them for protection, and authentic their veracity.
  • PCGS - The Professional Coin Grading Service also has various processes used to authenticate rare Asian coins, provide them with appropriate certification, and package them. You can find many old coins for sale that already come packaged with PCGS credentials for your convenience.
  • Uncertified - You can find thousands of old Asian coins that do not have certification but still contain various hallmarks of money used in that region throughout different eras.
How do you divide old Asian coins by region?

If you want to build a collection of uncirculated and secondhand rare Asian coins from various places around the world, you can use eBay to organize your search and find money from different areas. Here are just a few of the major regions that produce old coin types you can purchase on eBay:

  • China - Ancient Chinese coins for sale on eBay might include mixed lots of silver money using dragon or panda bear designs. Special coins to commemorate the birth of the Republic of China are also available.
  • Japan - You can find many Japanese sen coins produced in the 1800s for sale on eBay. The sen coin in Japan is worth a hundredth of the traditional yen note.
  • India - You'll be able to find a nice selection of old Indian coins that can tell a story about the different eras of history there, including old India-Bahawalpur, India-Indore, and British Colonial coins.
Different materials for old coins

Rare Asian coins use various base materials depending on the minerals available or the intended value of the money. Here are just some of the kinds you can see on eBay:

  • Gold - You can get nugget-like gold coins from China or rectangular bar coins from Japan.
  • Silver - Many old coins use silver, and some of them even come in unique shapes like animals for Mongolian money.
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