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Explore the Features of the unlocked iPhone XS Max

If you want an iPhone XS Max that is unlocked and not tied to any particular carrier or network, you can find what you need with a quick look on eBay. You can use eBay to discover the primary features or benefits of an unlocked iPhone XS Max smartphone. Getting to know the details of the device and what kinds of things it can do will help you choose the phone that meets your personal tastes.

What are some features of the unlocked iPhone XS Max?

The iPhone XS Max smartphone has several features that you might find convenient. Some of the most common ones you can use with this device are:

  • Large screen - The unlocked iPhone XS Max phones on eBay use large screens that are over 6 inches in size. The large surface can be a great way to view multimedia. See the manufacturer site for details.
  • Iris scanning - You can use this security feature to keep the home screen of your iPhone locked when it is not in use.
  • NFC - This technology can help your unlocked iPhone XS Max charge without a connector or communicate with similar devices nearby.
Which networks can you use?

Once you find the cool unlocked iPhone XS Max you want on eBay, you can connect it to a network of your choice after setting up your contract. Compatible networks that can connect to unlocked iPhone XS Max models include LTE, LTE Advanced, GSM, CDMA2000, and EV-DO.

Storage capacity options for an unlocked iPhone XS Max

The storage capacity for an iPhone XS Max that is unlocked is measured in gigabytes. The smallest size you can get with an iPhone XS Max is 64 gigabytes. Both 256 and 512 gigabytes of storage space are also options you can choose when looking for an unlocked iPhone XS Max.

When should you get a preowned unlocked iPhone XS Max?

A used unlocked iPhone XS Max can be a nice way to test things out at a reasonable price if you are new to Apple or iPhone products. If you want to upgrade to an XS Max from your older Apple, this can be a good way to get a model that works well without spending new phone prices to do it. In many cases, a used device may not even have cosmetic blemishes, and the phones you find on eBay should function adequately for your needs.

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