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Things You Should Know Before Shopping for Apple iPhone X 64 GB Cell Phones

Apple iPhone X 64 GB cell phones and smartphones are one of the smartphone manufacturer's most technologically advanced cell phones to date. Upon its release, everything Apple had to offer was put on display in the Apple iPhone X. There are a variety of new, used, and refurbished Apple X 64 GB iPhones for sale on eBay.

What features does the iPhone X offer?

The iPhone X showed some vast improvements in technology and design features compared to past models of the Apple cell phone. This is to be expected with every new iPhone release but was especially apparent with the iPhone X. Check out some of the following features new to the X.

  • New frame - The phone is now completely encased in a stainless steel frame, the specific alloy developed by Apple itself.
  • Display - The 5.8-inch Retina Display on the iPhone X gives you the largest iPhone screen to date in an edge-to-edge design.
  • Face ID - This replacement for Touch ID allows you to sign into the phone and use various aspects of it using your face with the camera.
  • A11 Bionic - The iPhone X comes loaded with Apple's newest processing chip, the A11 Bionic.
  • Signal processor - The new signal processor in the camera helps it identify significant parts of the photograph before taking it so it can subtly highlight them with lighting when the picture is taken.
What colors are available?

You use your phone a lot, so you are going to want to have one that you are going to want to look at each day. When shopping on eBay for a new or used iPhone X 64 GB, you will find the following color options listed and more.

  • Black
  • Gray
  • Gold
  • Pink
Accessories that may come with the iPhone X

If you purchase an iPhone, the listing could just have the phone included. In other cases, the phone will come as it was when it was new. The following extras could be found when shopping for an Apple iPhone X on eBay.

  • Case - This is typically only found in used sales.
  • Charger - This is what charges the unit when it's plugged into the wall.
  • Lightning cable - The cable that connects the wall unit charger to the phone.
  • Earbuds - Headphones that plug directly into the lightning slot on the phone.
  • Box - Some sales come with the original box of the phone.
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