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A Cell Phone for Minimalists: 16 GB iPhone 5s

The 16 GB iPhone 5s delivers a conveniently compact smartphone experience with its clear display and comfortable amount of storage space for any cell phone minimalist. Buying a used iPhone 5s on eBay can be a budget-friendly phone option for anyone.

What features are included on Apple iPhone 5s 16 GB Smartphones?

The iPhone 5s is an impressively light and small device that's easy enough to forget about in a purse and comfortably carry in a pocket. The iPhone 5s boasts a 4-inch, 640 by 1136 resolution display for a consistently clean view on the screen. The phone also has both front and rear cameras with the rear camera being 8MP and the front being 1.2MP. The iPhone 5s's 1,560mAh battery can withstand about 10 hours of 3G talk time, 4G browsing, Wi-Fi browsing, and playing video, about eight hours of 3G browsing, and 40 hours of playing music.

 How much can you save on a 16 GB iPhone 5s?

For any cell phone minimalist, the 16 GB iPhone 5s delivers plenty of storage space for games, app, and music. With 16 GB, you will be able to save about 3,000 songs or pictures, 15 hours of video, eight movies, or about 400 apps and games. With the iPhone 5s, you can also take advantage of iCloud storage for even more space to save things like photos.

Purchasing a used iPhone 5s for your budget needs

If you are looking to stay within a budget when shopping for an iPhone, a used iPhone 5s can be a cost-effective option. Many used iPhone 5s phones on eBay are substantially cheaper than new iPhones and can provide you with the same features and functionality you might expect from a brand-new smartphone. Used iPhone 5s phones are also likely to be unlocked and able to be used with prepaid sim cards or internationally for cheaper phone plans that can save you a lot of money in the long run.

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