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How to Choose Docks and Mini Speakers

One way to get the most out of your music player is by attaching it to a docking station. iPod docks allow you to play your favorite songs directly from your MP3 player, and many of these stereos often offer numerous other features, making them even more appealing for audiophiles. Additionally, since they're built specifically for the Apple iPod, they often don't need an adapter to work.

What Are Some Features of iPod Docking Stations?

The main purpose of a docking station is to play music, and there are some that just do that; however, you can find other music systems with built-in features that make them much more than just a speaker system.

  • Bluetooth-compatible dock speakers let you wirelessly sync your iPod to listen to digital music without a cord or cable. This wireless capability makes the system very portable.
  • Some models double as a charger. As your iPod plays music, it's charging up at the same time, so listening to your tunes isn't draining your battery.
  • An iPod docking station with an alarm clock can replace your old-fashioned clock radio/alarm clock. Some of these also have an AM/FM radio as well as USB and 3.5mm ports to connect even more peripherals, such as your headphones.

Which Brands Make Docking Speakers?

When it comes to buying a docking station for your iPod Classic, there are many brands from which to select. Each offers a variety of models and styles with multiple features, so consider those factors as you select the right system for you. 

  • iHome not only offers a system that plays music, has an alarm-clock feature, and includes a radio, but the color-changing base feels like a party in your bedroom. The iHome 28 model also lets you add six preset stations.
  • With features like a built-in alarm clock and a remote control, Logitech has a variety of speaker systems to choose from that provide impressive sound along with portability.
  • Jensen makes several models that are compatible with the iPod and include perks like a remote control, battery-backup function, and a built-in charger.

How Do Mini Speakers Work?

Though they look small, mini speakers have a large sound. You can purchase an iPod docking system for your device that includes speakers, or you can purchase separate speakers that are also compatible with your device.

  • Speakers can sync wirelessly to your MP3 player via Bluetooth.
  • You can connect speakers to your smartphone with a cord if the system isn't a wireless one.
  • You can also purchase a dock that features included dual speakers as part of the system to provide added sound quality.

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