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Choosing an Antique or Vintage Sink

Vintage sinks add beauty and history to your bathroom. Purchasing an old sink can create a link to the past in your daily life. Here are a few things to think about while choosing an antique sink.

Which materials are antique sinks made of? Cast iron is a classic and long-lasting choice. Generally, porcelain enamel covers the cast iron, making the vintage cast iron sink both sturdy and easily cleanable. Stone sinks can be made of granite, marble, and other stones. Stone offers beauty, but care varies by type. Ceramic is pottery made from clay and baked in a kiln. Ceramic is smooth, hard, and durable, but must be cleaned with gentle materials. Porcelain is the hardest clay available fired at the hottest temperature. It is extremely durable but can chip or stain. Metal such as stainless steel, bronze, and copper are heavy-duty sinks. Designs available for antique sinks

When searching for affordable vintage sinks for sale, start with the kind of design you'd like to have. Some options are:

  • Pedestal – The top part of the sink attaches to the wall and a column beneath to support the basin.
  • Wall mount – This sink attaches to the wall and is open underneath.
  • Console – This sink has legs, four legs if free-standing, two if mounted to the wall.
  • Vessel – This sink features bowl, exposed on all sides, that sits on top of the counter.
  • Drop-in – The bowl of the sink has a rim that sits inside a hole in the counter.
  • Undermount – This sink is the opposite of a drop in, where the sink snugs up beneath the counter.
  • Integral – The countertop and the sink are the same piece of material.
Are there additional factors to consider when buying a vintage bathroom sink? Do you want to have storage under the sink? One of the models that fits into a cabinet works well there. Is your bathroom small? A wall-mount sink takes up the least room. Might you need to get a wheelchair up to the sink, now or later? Wall-mount sinks and some console sinks have room for a wheelchair. What room will the sink be in? You can choose a fancier sink or one made of more delicate materials in the master bath versus the open bathroom that everybody uses. Factors to consider when buying a vintage kitchen sink Are you planning to wash clothing in the sink or use it for crafts? The farmhouse sink or a vintage kitchen sink with a large basin and vertical sides is a very useful model. Will you use the sink for dishes? A two- or even three-basin sink makes dishes easier. However, a large single chamber sink can work well if you find a nice basin to place inside it. Is the drain where you want it to be? If you want to rinse dishes on the left side of the sink, you may want your drain there rather than in the center. Your existing plumbing may necessitate a drain in a certain location.
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