Antique Rugs & Carpets

Antique Rugs & Carpets

What Are the Various Carpet Styles?

Loop-style carpet features looped strands and sturdy construction for a clean look that is particularly suited to high-traffic areas. Patterned carpet offers a blend of looped and cut fibers to create patterned designs that range from simple to bold. Textured carpet comes with long, crimped yarns in a high pile with a soft feel. Frieze carpet offers high, twisted yarns that offer a springy feel and a unique appearance.

What Is a Kilim Rug?

Many people choose colorful kilim rugs to accent their rooms. Originating from areas in North Africa and Central Asia, these rugs have some unique characteristics. They offer a different style of weave with interwoven wefts and warps that form a no-pile design known as a flat weave. The rugs feature frayed edges on the shortest sides and come in a variety of designs and colors, with no two rugs looking exactly alike.

What Are Some Good Tips for Carpet Care?

To maintain carpets, consumers should apply stain-resistant sprays to new carpets and freshly cleaned carpets. Vacuuming twice a week prevents the buildup of dirt and particles that can damage carpet fibers, and cleaning spills right away boosts the likelihood of complete stain removal. Deep cleaning twice a year helps lengthen the life of carpet. To avoid unraveling in spots, owners should snip loose threads level with the pile and never pull them.