Beautiful Antique Ruby Rings on eBay

Rubies are the most famous of all red precious stones and many find their deep red color striking. On top of this, the beautiful designs and bits of ornamentation on an antique ruby ring only accentuate the beauty of the stone itself, making it an excellent present for someone special to you. eBay has many such antique ruby rings listed for sale, so let's have a look at what they are like.

Characteristics of antiques ruby rings

Antique ruby rings vary in their features. Some general ones are:

  • The Ruby: Many rings have a professionally cut ruby or rubies displayed prominently on them. The ruby can be of various sizes, from less than 5 millimeters across to more than 12 millimeters.
  • Metal: Most antique ruby rings are made primarily of a precious metal like gold or sterling silver. When made of gold, the gold is usually either 10-karat, 14-karat, or 18-karat gold. It's also common for such rings to be made of white gold.
  • Style: Various styles of antique ruby rings are available on eBay, including classic Victorian-style rings, pendant rings, gondola-shaped rings, and so on.
  • Designs: Some antique ruby rings are simple, with just a ruby centerpiece and a band made of either silver or gold, and others are much more ornate, containing designs of things like flowers, butterflies, or snakes. Sometimes other precious stones, like diamonds or pearls, may be on the ring along with the ruby. Just look around on eBay to find what suits you.
Why might you choose to buy an antique ruby ring?

An antique ruby ring can be a beautiful and classy present for someone special in your life, especially if that person is born in July, making ruby their birthstone. If you find the right one, a ruby ring can even make an excellent engagement ring.

Finding the right ruby ring on eBay

Here are a few things to consider when looking for an antique ruby ring on eBay:

  • Price: Different rings are priced differently depending on what they are made of, how big the ruby on the ring is, what other precious stones are part of the ring, and so on.
  • Style: Since the number of available styles of rings for sale on eBay is so vast, it's up to you to pick the one you like or the one most likely to please the person for whom you're buying the ring as a gift.
  • Size: Make sure that the ring fits the finger of whoever is intended to wear it. If it doesn't, you may still be able to take the ring to a jeweler to have it properly fitted.