Antique Mercantile Scales

Use an Antique Mercantile Scale in Your Recreation Store

If you are operating a recreation store or are selling antique and vintage goods, then using an antique mercantile store is a great way to create a historically accurate vibe. There are many types of inexpensive antique mercantile scales on eBay, such as large antique weighing scales and antique platform scales. Read more for tips on selecting the right one for your needs.

Types of antique mercantile scales

Here are some antique mercantile scales eBay offers:

  • Mechanical equal-arm scales - These scales usually consists of two pans. The weight needs to be equal on both sides for the scale to balance. They are often put in a glass or metal case to keep off dust. They have been used in a variety of industries, including banks, post offices, and jewelry stores.
  • Suspension balance scales - These vintage scales were often used to weigh coins. The hanging scales were designed to be housed in a metal or wooden case, have brass pans, and use cast-iron or lead weights.
  • Unequal arm balance scale - These have a beam with arms of different lengths. A short arm supports the weighing pan while a longer arm supports sliding weights. Union scales and ball scales are two examples of this type of scale.
  • Counter scales - These footed scales are used in dry good stores and have flat oblong pans. They usually have cast iron or brass trim.
  • Hanging spring scales - These hanging scales often have rectangular, vertically oriented brass faces that sometimes contain vintage advertising.
Who are some manufacturers of antique mercantile scales?

There were many manufacturers of antique scales, including:

  • Philip Harris - This manufacturer made many counter-balance medical and laboratory scales.
  • Becker - This Belgium company made many antique pharmacy counter-balance scales.
  • Herman Kohlbusch Balance Company - This United States company, which became Seederer-Kohlbusch, Inc. in 1908, made many double-cone analytical balance old scales.
  • Howe Scale Company - For more than 105 years, this company made many models of general mercantile scales with most using brass counterweights.
  • Landers, Frary & Clark - This Connecticut company made many types of scales, including some of the earliest kitchen scales for home use.
Are there any antique scales with accessories?

Yes, when you shop for antique scales for sale, you can find several examples of scales with accessories attached. For example, the small antique scale made by John Sheldon also contains a pen, pencil, and toothpick. You may also see spring-type scales with a candlestick holder attached to their top.

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