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Buy Inexpensive Vintage Lamps on eBay

Antique lamps are often used to add character and beauty to a house. While it was trendy to buy these vintage lamps for historic properties, they are increasingly bought for decoration in contemporary houses, restaurants, and hotels. There are a variety of stylish vintage lamps for sale on eBay.

What are the types of antique lamps for sale?

Antique lamps come in a variety of shapes, style, and sizes. From a historical perspective, lamps from the middle ages to the end of the 18th century are classified as vintage. Cruise lamps are among the earliest examples as they were invented in the 1600s. Improvements came with the introduction of Betty lamps that allow oil from the wick to flow back into the reservoir. Later, central draft lamps increased the overall efficiency and design.

In the 1800s, student lamps and banquet lamps were made famous due to painting and globes. Perhaps, the finest fixture from the 1800s is the Tiffany lamp that has features made of stained glass. The production of Tiffany lamps ceased in 1933 due to the closure of its manufacturing plant.

Buying vintage lamps on eBay

While shopping on eBay, lamps termed as antiques are typically produced prior to 1940s. Vintage lamps can be produced later than this. Some things to consider about a vintage lamp or antique lamp include:

  • Wiring: If it is electrical, is the lamp wired for a contemporary electric home? Must the lamp be hard-wired into the home, or is there a plug? Does the plug match current outlets?
  • Bulb type: What kind of bulb works for the lamp? What is the wattage limit? Can these bulbs be readily found or is there a retrofit option? Does the lamp take one bulb or multiple bulbs?
  • Size: Does the lamp fit the size of the space where you want it?
  • Direction of light: Do you want a lamp that casts light upward or downward?
  • Shades: Does the lamp come with a shade? Does it need one?
Types of fuel

When buying used vintage lamps, you must consider the type of fuel used in the lamp. Most older lamps in the 16th and the 17th century used oil extracted from animal fat. The trend changed with the introduction of Kerosene oil because it was more consistent, and it could light up large areas. As technology advanced, manufacturers started to produce electric lamps. Phoenix Glass Company, Pairpoint Corporation, and Lightolier are some well-known companies that manufactured both electric and kerosene oil lamps.

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