Antique Door Knobs & Handles

Unlock Classic Style with Antique Doorknobs and Handles

Unique additions like hardware can turn something as simple as a door into a focal point that starts conversations. Antique or vintage hardware make a fun way to add style and a unique touch to a door or upcycling project. Many antique handles and doorknobs come in designs and patterns that are no longer in production, so when it appears in mom's stocking, you've just handed her a new piece of her home that no other house on the block is likely going to have.

What Are Antique Doorknobs Made of?

Antique handles and doorknobs can be made from a number of different materials, including:

  • Glass: Glass doorknobs are decorative and can add a fun spin to interior decor.
  • Metal: Metal vintage doorknobs include brass, bronze, steel, and other types of metal. This type of hardware is most commonly used on exterior doors.
  • China: Porcelain vintage or antique knobs and handles are often white or black and may have intricately painted designs.
  • Crystal: Crystal vintage doorknobs are usually spherical in shape to show off their many facets.
  • Wood: Wooden antique doorknobs and handles are often made from pressed or carved wood.

What Styles of Antique Doorknobs Are There?

Antique knobs come in a wide variety of patterns and designs.

  • Representative: These types of antique door hardware are fashioned into people, animals, or objects. For example, knobs can feature sun emblems and lion heads.
  • Asymmetric: These doorknobs often have asymmetrical scenes or designs on the hardware.
  • Shaped: Knobs shaped into circles, squares, ovals, and octagons are used for certain types of doors, particularly when it comes to interior doors.
  • Spiral or swirl: Spiral doorknobs and handles have flowing designs on them. The designs and patterns can range from simple to intricate.
  • Fold: These knobs have patterns or images that repeat. The "fold" in this case determines how many times those patterns or images repeat. For example, a twofold knob has a design is mirrored. A fourfold handle has a design that is mirrored twice so that there are four designs.

What Considerations Should Be Made Before Installing Antique Doorknobs?

Doorknobs and handles that are antique or vintage can make or break your decor. As such, there are some considerations you should make when looking for antique hardware and handles, including:

  • Size: Smaller vintage doorknobs and levers may be more suitable for cabinets and closet doors. For inside doors or front doors, you may want an antique knob or handle that makes a statement.
  • Function: Antique hardware may be more suitable for interior doors while hardware that includes a lever may be more suitable for exterior doors. The door hardware you choose depends on how you want to actually open the door.
  • Style: Because there are so many styles of handles, levers, and other hardware, you can choose door hardware that matches your decor.

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