Under the umbrella of Urban Outfitters, the Anthropologie clothing and accessory lines focus on simplicity of style. Since 1992, the company has striven to make its mark in the fashion world by curating collections of clothes for women that promote individuality over trendiness.

What type of apparel is Anthropologie?

The company remains focused on providing both casual and sporty women's clothes. They're especially known for their long, flowing dresses and Bohemian tops. Other fashion clothing collections from Anthropologie include:

  • Blouses
  • Jeans
  • Skirts
  • Pants
  • Shoes
What are the characteristics of the Anthropologie clothing style?

Each item of clothing is intended to be a work of art, featuring bold colors and patterns, lots of flowers, ruffled or billowy tops, and full, flowing skirts. Their collections feature a lot of natural, breathable materials like cotton and silk as well as rayon, nylon, and spandex for clothes that are intended to be form-fitting.

How do you size an Anthropologie dress?

Anthropologie dress sizes are cut for regular or petite frames and range from XXS to XL; petites are labeled from 00P to 14p; and standard (regular) dress sizes are labeled from 0 - 16. The sizing takes into account bust, waist, and hip measurements, and are differentiated by natural or drop waist. This sizing chart is for regular sizes, from smallest to largest:

  • Bust: XXS, 31- 32 inches; XS, 33 - 34 inches; S, 35 - 36 inches; M, 37 - 38 inches; L, 39.5 - 41 inches; XL, 42.5 inches
  • Natural waist: XXS, 23 - 24 inches; XS, 25 - 26 inches; S, 27 - 28 inches; M, 29 - 30 inches; L, 31.5 - 33 inches; XL, 34.5 inches
  • Drop waist: XXS, 25 - 26 inches; XS, 27 - 28 inches; S, 29 - 30 inches; M, 31 - 32 inches; L, 33 - 35 inches; XL, 36.5 inches
  • Hips: XXS, 34 inches; XS, 35 - 36 inches; S, 37 - 38 inches; M, 39 - 40 inches; L, 41.5 - 43 inches; XL, 44.5 inches

The measurements for petite dresses are roughly about an inch or two smaller. The general dress measurement guidelines are:

  • Bust - Making sure that the tape measure is even across the shoulder blades, measure across the fullest part of the bust.
  • Natural waist - Measure around where the waist naturally tapers, usually directly in line with the navel; don't pull the tape measure too tight.
  • Drop waist - Measure approximately 1 1.2 inches below the natural waist.
  • Hips - Stand straight, feet together, and measure around the widest area of the hips.
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