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Exterior Antennas for Mercedes-Benz E320

Exterior antennas for Mercedes-Benz E320 models are important devices that allow you to pick up radio signals as you drive, giving you the convenience and enjoyment of listening to music or news as you commute. It's important to understand how an exterior antenna works so you can recognize when it may need replacement.

How do Mercedes-Benz exterior antennas work?

The antenna on your vehicle is constructed from a rod of flexible fiberglass that is wrapped around a wire core. This flexibility helps the antenna to bend or whip in windy or inclement weather without snapping, thus allowing it to function in almost all conditions. Magnetic waves from radio signals are picked up via the antenna and sent to your Mercedes-Benz, where they enter the radio receiver accessory. Once the signals are there, you can use the tuner to isolate the specific signals your antenna has sent you, thus choosing the specific station you prefer.

What is an exterior antenna composed of?

The antenna array of your Mercedes-Benz E320 sedan contains individual parts as well, and one or more of these may need to be replaced if the unit is malfunctioning.

  • Antenna parts include a housing pad that keeps the base of the device securely attached to the exterior of the vehicle.
  • Cover caps will protect the top portion of the antenna, ensuring that it picks up radio signals of any strength with ease.
  • Power modules allow the antenna to raise and lower itself whenever necessary if it is an electrical variant.
  • Electrical or power antennas are available in kits that provide everything you will need for a working telescopic device.
  • You may also wish to purchase amplifier or booster modules to increase the signal strength of your Mercedes-Benz E-Class antenna.
  • Specialized roof fins will add GPS functionality to your car's antenna when paired with appropriate devices.
What are the signs of a damaged E320 antenna?

Although the antenna of your Mercedes-Benz is protected by a fiberglass sheath, exposure to the elements and other problems can lead to wear over time. There are situations where this damage may not be noticeable on the antenna itself. In such cases, it is helpful to know what signs point to an exterior antenna that no longer functions properly and is in need of replacement.

  • If the radio in your Mercedes-Benz E-Class produces only static or mostly static, the exterior antenna may be damaged and in need of replacement.
  • Any cracks in the fiberglass body of the antenna could allow damaging rain or debris to get inside the wire coil and render the antenna itself inoperable.