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Exterior Antennas for Hyundai Sonata

Keep your lines of communication wide open with Hyundai Sonata automotive external antennas linking you to the world. Car antennas come in many varieties, each designed to connect you with specific services. With the right combination of equipment, you can enjoy perks like GPS, cellular networks, and infotainment.

What are some physical Hyundai Sonata antenna designs?

Designers make antennas for your Hyundai sedan in many shapes and sizes. Each design aims to provide you with features useful for your unique needs. Some common Hyundai antenna shapes you may run into include the following:

  • Mast - These are the whippy, silvery antennas most often found on car or truck front fenders. Most commonly used for picking up lower-frequency ranges such as FM and AM, mast antennas provide you with basic functionality.
  • Retractable - Retractables are basically mast antennas that automatically retract and extend when you switch your radio system on. They can cover a range of low and medium-frequency ranges, and their self-sheathing abilities make them durable.
  • Shark fin - Shaped like the dorsal fin of a shark, fin antennas combine low-profile and aerodynamic external stylings with multi-frequency capable internal electronics.
  • Window - You may think of window antennas as being embedded in auto glass, and they often are. That said, you can also get external window-mounted antennas that provide you with enhanced coverage.
  • Fender - Mounted in, on, or under your Hyundai Sonata fenders, these antennas often blend in seamlessly with the lines of your car. This mounting position can provide protection, support, and privacy for your chosen frequency modulators.
  • Billet - Short, squat, and sturdy, billet antennas usually measure no more than 15 to 20 inches in height. Nevertheless, they can tune into a wide band of frequencies, including cellular, AM/FM, and GPS. Some billet antenna brands may require signal boosters for proper operation.
  • Hockey puck - These disc-shaped antennas have low profiles and powerful magnetic bases, features that enable you to place them just about anywhere on your Hyundai Sonata frame. They can pick up wide-ranging frequency bands that include satellite and cellular networks.

What are some peripheral antenna system parts you may need?

The radio station antenna is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to wireless communication with your Hyundai midsize sedan. You also need several other kinds of antenna receivers to get more out of your Hyundai experience, including the following:

  • Keyless entry antenna - These parts work with your Sonata wireless key fobs to give you remote door-opening abilities. Some Sonata models allow you to set off your alarm, activate your lights, and start your engine.
  • Glass antenna amplifier - This is an external aid for an internal/external part. If you experience issues with your Sonata's glass-based antennas, replacing the entire window is usually not an option. Glass antenna amplifiers solve this issue by boosting your gain and clearing things up.
  • Antenna masts - Fixed masts provide quick fixes for problems with your existing Sonata antenna.