Anker offers accessories for Apple phones and tablets. These tools include portable chargers, protective cases, and docking stations. Whether you're looking to extend your device's battery life or create a portable music experience, Anker can help.

What kinds of products does Anker offer?

Anker products fall into the following categories.

  • Power Banks and Chargers: Power banks such as Anker PowerCore let you charge your battery almost anywhere. Anker PowerCore portable chargers come in two shapes: lipstick-shaped cylinders and phone-shaped mini-tablets. Anker PowerCore wall chargers plug into wall outlets and have adapters for multiple devices.
  • Cables: USB and Lightning cables connect chargers to tablets and phones.
  • Internal Battery: If your smartphone has a removable battery, Anker offers replacements for most models.
  • Cases, Skins, and Screen Protectors: Cases hold and protect your smartphone, and skins add some decorative color. Screen protectors keep your smartphone's screen safe from dust and smudges while letting you view and use the touchscreen.
  • Docks and Speakers: Anker docking stations allow you to charge your phone while also hooking your device up to speakers and other equipment.
What do charger power ratings mean?

Batteries and portable chargers include ratings and options which can seem daunting at first. Here are a few key terms.

  • mAh: This number refers to the storage capacity of portable chargers and internal batteries. The higher the number, the more energy the battery or charger can hold in reserve.
  • Fast/Quick Charge: Portable chargers listed as fast charge or quick charge can rapidly charge your mobile device. Fast charge works approximately four times as fast as a standard charge. In order to use fast charge, you need a compatible device and charging cable.
  • Solar: If you don't know when you'll be able to plug in next, Anker also has solar-powered portable chargers.
What Anker accessories will work with your device?

Wall outlet chargers, speakers, and power banks will work with any standard USB or Apple device. However, other compatible equipment can vary depending on device type.

  • Cables: Most Apple chargers have Lightning charge ports, and most other models use mini USB. However, some devices use either micro USB or USB-C to charge and connect. This includes some Apple devices, which use USB-C instead of Lightning. If you're not sure what USB type you have, look at the charge port closely. Mini USB ports look like a thin line with a slight curve on one side. USB-C has pins arranged in an oval shape. Micro USB has pins arranged in two rows with one row slightly wider.
  • Internal Battery and Cases: Batteries and cases need to be precisely the right size for your device. Therefore, you need to search by device model including number and type. For example, an iPhone 6 case has different dimensions from iPhone 7 and iPhone Plus.
  • Docking Stations: Like cables, Apple and USB docking stations need to match your phone type. In addition, some Anker docking stations may only fit certain dimensions, such as iPhone but not iPhone 7 Plus.
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