Animal Skulls

A General Guide to Animal Skulls

Animal skulls are useful for science experiments and make interesting decorations. Many species are available depending on what you are looking for and how you wish to obtain the animal skulls. If you are thinking of obtaining animal skulls or purchasing them on eBay, it helps to know a few basics. 

What can you use for identifying animal skulls? 

You can look at animal skulls drawings to see common animal skulls and compare them to the skulls you have found. Among the smallest are bird skulls, followed by mink and muskrat skulls. If you buy a variety, you can practice identifying animal skulls and comparing them to see their differences. Important features to pay attention to are:  

  • Skull shape - It can be long or round.
  • Mouth - It can have a beak or teeth.
  • Skin - Look for any remaining hair, fur, or feathers.
  • Shape of beak or teeth - Different beak and teeth shapes can be found.
  • Locality - Check which species are native to your area.

Can you find ethically sourced animal skulls? 

Yes, ethically sourced animal skulls can be found on eBay. These skulls come from animals which have died from natural causes, rather than being hunted or killed for sport. If you would like to purchase animal skulls, check the seller's information regarding how they are sourced. 

Some common animal skulls 

There are several, and they vary in size. They are common animal skulls, although the species may not be native to your area. Here are some popular ones you might find both on eBay and on your own:  

  • Bird - Pheasant and turkey
  • Rodent - Muskrat and rabbit
  • Canine - Coyote, fox, and wolf
  • Other mammals - Mink, ferret, raccoon, and house cat

In what forms can you purchase animal skulls? 

It depends on what you are looking for and how you wish to use the animal skulls:  

  • Cleaned - Ready to use for decoration, they are bleached white.
  • Uncleaned - These are for people who want to practice cleaning or to study their muscle structure, they are raw and red in color.