Animal Collectibles

 How Do You Start Collecting Animal Keepsakes?

One of the most popular ways to start a collection of animal keepsakes is to choose a theme, such as sea animals, forest animals, or jungle animals. Collectors can then consider the specific types of collectibles they enjoy, such as mugs or figurines. The next step is to find a piece to serve as the centerpiece of the new collection. Ideal possibilities include items in excellent condition, items with sentimental value, and items likely to increase in value over time.

What Types of Animal Collectibles Are The Most Popular?

Figurines are one of the most popular types of animal collectibles. They come in a wide range of styles and materials, including precious metals, ceramic, crystal, and porcelain. Sizes vary and include miniature figurines. Hagen-Renaker, Schleich, Swarovski, Touch of Nature, Ganz, Precious Moments, and Enesco are some of the top animal figurine brands.

What Is a Good Way to Show Off Animal Figurines?

For fragile animal collectibles, displaying them in a cabinet or shadow box with glass doors is a good way to keep them protected from dust, falls, and other potential hazards. Lifelike animal collectibles and figurines often look charming placed together in groups in poses that contribute to the overall look of a ""scene"". This is particularly true with the addition of other props to enhance the realism. For example, a flock of glass sheep looks delightful grazing in a pasture on a bookshelf.