Amprobe provides a variety of multimeter products, such as True-rms multimeters, for electricity maintenance tasks, and many options are designed with a convenient display panel. By observing the panel, you can gather information about voltage. Amprobe designs the panel on each unit strategically so that users can run tests in bright or dim environments.

What are the multimeter design options?

Many multimeter options with clamps have mechanisms that provide a solid grip. The clamp on these kinds of products can hold the housing throughout different electrical maintenance routines.

Handheld pieces have a sleek and compact design and are suitable for mobile routines. Pocket products are also built for field projects because the housing fits snugly in a coat or in a spacious compartment on a pair of cargo pants.

All gadgets are designed with either an analog or digital display panel. The analog option is a very common design; this panel generates vibrant information. Products with a digital panel generate electric information that's crisper, bolder, and brighter.

What are the testing and measurement options?

Testing accessories by Amprobe can run a variety of electric testing by using AC currents, DC currents, and AC voltage. Many multimeter units also have various modes for capacitance, temperature, resistance, and continuity tests. Most traditional and mobile testing options are designed with a convenient layout that highlights buttons for specific features.

What are the multimeter features?

Tactical units that are designed for mobile testing routines have a backlight. This light produces bold illumination on the panel in dim environments. The battery that powers the light won't drain energy quickly during a long project because the hardware will turn off the power automatically. Some units also have ranging options that operate automatically, and most gadgets with this feature have a bar graph display as well.

Digital multimeter products also have features that are designed for routines that involve transmitter equipment. Other practical electric testing features that are equipped with Amprobe products include options for diode tests and functions for wire tracer maintenance routines. The AM-520 is an example of a digital multimeter device suitable for diode tests.

What are the material options for the housing?

The main housing material that's used to make traditional and mobile multimeter products is constructed out of a thick plastic. Many of the buttons that are placed on this housing are also made of plastic material, and a thin plastic is used on the panel. All of the electrical wiring and circuit components are mounted underneath the main housing.

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