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America Flyers are a detailed collection of model trains, train sets, and accessories sold by the Lionel Company, which purchased American Flyer in 1979. Crafted from die-cast metals in both O and S scales, American Flyers offer trains featuring diesel, electric, locomotive, and steam engines, as well as a variety of rolling stock. There are both new and vintage toy train items with different engines available that reflect trains from the early 20th century to more modern times.

What American Flyer trains and accessories are available?

There are a wide variety of American Flyer trains and accessories, which is helpful because of the specificity of individual sets and collections. Toy trains and accessories are available from different time periods modeled after trains from 1910 until the current time. They are available in both O and S scales.

American Flyer also offers the different engine types like diesel, electric, and steam along with rolling stock of all types. Boxcars, cabooses, flat cars, gondolas, hoppers, passenger cars, reefers, and tankers are all available in a variety of colors.

Starter sets are available along with an assortment of accessories like tracks, parts, scenery pieces, and more.

What is the difference between O and S scales?

For model locomotives, as it is for real trains, the gauge or scale is the distance between the outside rails of the track. There are several different gauges or scales, including O and S. The O gauge is 1:48, meaning 1 inch on the model equals 48 inches in real life at full size. The S gauge is 1:64.

How do you choose a scale?

One big factor in selecting a size for your set is how much space you have. If space isn't an issue, you're free to select whatever style suits you best. A smaller size may work best for those with limited space or who want to create an elaborate scene that will require a lot of accessories and good length of track to travel. If you're planning an obstacle course with mountains and tunnels for your locomotive to weave through, a smaller scale is often ideal.

Availability is also something to consider. By sticking with a more common scale, like O and S, there are often more pieces and accessories to choose from.

Your age is another thing to consider as a larger scale can be better for children.

What is meant by grading?

Grading refers to the specific condition of the train, set, or accessory. The scale goes from C1, which is only for spare parts, to C10 which means the individual item is mint, brand new, and is in the original box which is still sealed. Close attention should be given to the details of any item pertaining to its condition to ensure that it matches your individual collection and needs.

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