Find AlienBees Products for Sale

If you are a photography enthusiast or a professional photographer, you may likely be searching for new and used AlienBees photography products. Alien Bees products are designed to make getting the desired shot easier by providing the user with more lighting options. Browse the affordable AlienBees lights listings on eBay, and find a deal you can't pass up.

Who would benefit from using an AlienBees flash unit?

Anyone who is into photography, whether it be an amateur or a professional, can benefit from the AlienBees line from Paul C. Buff. The design of this line of products is such that it meets the specifications for all levels of expertise and allows photographers to capture a variety of images that they might not be able to capture under regular circumstances. The line of products, available on right here on eBay, ranges from flash units to studio lighting products.

Do AlienBees flash units come in more than one color?

You will find the AlienBees lights come in six different colors. Most of the different models on eBay are also available in a variety of these colors. If there are a specific model and color you are looking for, chances are you may find it listed on eBay. The available colors of these products include:

  • Deep space black
  • Martian pink
  • Star white
  • Alien green
  • Purple haze
Do AlienBees flash units have a sync cord?

Most flash units from Paul C. Buff, the manufacturer of AlienBees products, come with a sync cord if they are new. The new version comes with a 15-inch sync cord to attach to your PC camera sync port. If you buy a refurbished model, the details of the listing should specify if the sync cord comes with it. Check out the current Alien bee flash unit listings to find a wide selection of options.

Does AlienBees make other lighting equipment for photography?

They make equipment such as lights and light stands as well as mounting blocks. One of their lighting products is the Einstein Light Stand. In addition to the Einstein line, there are also plenty of other modeling lamps and studio lamps to suit any photographer's needs. There also produce accessories for the lights and light stands that you can browse through when you check out the available eBay listings. Some of the other products made by Paul C. Buff in the AlienBees line include:

  • Flash units
  • Studio lighting
  • Studio lighting stands
  • Mounting blocks
  • Reflectors
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