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Alexrims Bicycle Wheels and Wheelsets

Bicycle wheels enable you to take your bike out onto the road no matter the destination you have in mind. Alexrims bicycle wheels and wheelsets allow you to select from many different types and sizes of wheels, from ultra-light carbon to hubs that fit modern fat bikes. For some bikes, the gears are contained within the wheel that allow the rider to change speeds while Alexrims items include speeds from 1-11.

What are the different wheel sizes available?

When you are selecting Alexrims bicycle wheelsets, you will have a range of sizes to select from. Smaller wheels are designed to offer more speed while larger ones are meant to offer stability as you ride your bicycle. The sizes available with these bicycle wheels range from 10-29 inches.

Which bikes can these bicycle wheels be used with?
  • BMX: They are meant to be used with wheels that are wide and consist of treaded tires ideal for off-road jumping and racing.
  • Cruiser: These are bicycles with heavy frames and handlebars that are curved backwards. They come in a single speed and can be used with any type of wheel.
  • Cyclocross: This is a type of bike that is designed for cyclo-cross racing and is built with cantilever brakes. The wheels used with these bicycle types are usually wider given the bike can also be used for touring and commuting.
  • Road bike: These are designed to be used on any paved road at relatively high speeds. They typically come with a variety of gear combinations and are usually equipped with narrow tires.
  • Mountain bike: This is a type of bike that is meant to be used for off-road cycling. They are usually equipped with treaded and heavy tires as well as a thick frame.
Which tire types do these wheels come with?
  • Clincher: This wheel makes use of a Kevlar bead or steel wire that combines with the flanges around the rim. An inner tube is situated under the rim within this design.
  • Tubeless: This type is designed in a way that allows for the avoidance of flats, as they can still be operated when the air pressure is low. Air is placed straight into the tire as opposed to an inner tube.
  • Tubular: This is any type of wheel that consists of an inner tube, which is usually made of rubber.
What are the different brake types?
  • Disc brake: This is a type of brake that clamps pads against a disc on both sides in order to stop the wheel that the disc is attached to. The brake disc is constantly rotating as you ride the bike so that pressure is not applied to the same spot on the component each time you brake.
  • Rim brake: With this type of brake, brake pads are placed around the rim of a wheel. When the brakes are activated, the pads will clamp down against the rim in order to bring the bicycle to a stop.
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