Airsoft Guns

Airsoft guns are designed for shooters who have a traditional, intermediate, or advanced skill level. These guns are easy to transport throughout shooting routine since Airsoft manufacturers build the weapons with lightweight materials. Airsoft guns are convenient because they're designed with practical features and aiming tools that enhance shooting routines. For budding enthusiasts or lovers of firearms who want a safe but still active experience at home or in competition, an airsoft gun suits beginners, intermediate, or advanced users alike, and they can be an excellent way to hone one's marksmanship. 

Are designer Airsoft guns with practical features available?

The gold metal 6mm air pistol is an ideal product for shooters who need a designer weapon that's appealing and functional. This pistol has a 1:1 scale and has special hardware that provides high-velocity shots. On average, when a shot is fired, the velocity can reach up to 300 FPS. The weapon blasts out powerful shots by relying on a unique spring-powered mechanism. The mechanism can help a shooter hit targets that are 100 feet away. This pistol has a lightweight housing that's only 1.2 pounds.

What are the specs for a Beretta M9 Airsoft handgun?

A replica Beretta handgun by Airsoft has a scale of 1:1, and the body is constructed out of ABS material. On the outer housing, there is a special coating that gives the metal a matte finish. The base of an M9 gun is 8.5 inches, and the housing on the weapon weighs 10.5 ounces. You can use this kind of gun during situations when single-shot velocity shots must reach 200 FPS. The magazine capacity for this gun is ideal for backyard matches because the ammo chamber can hold 13 rounds of plastic BB pellets.

What's included in an Elite Force starter kit?

All of the accessories included in an Elite Force starter kit are manufactured in China. In a beginner kit, there is 1 G36 rifle and 5 mags. Because the weapon in a beginner kit uses power to fire shots, 2 batteries are included in the bundle. A standard kit will also contain 5000 BB pellets.

Are weapons for night shooting sessions available?

M4 A1 M16 rifles are built with a tactical scope and a convenient flashlight. The process of aiming while using this weapon is easy because it has a laser that increases precision during strategic shooting situations. When this gun fires BB pellets, 400 BB pieces per minute blast out of the rifle chamber. This happens quickly because a precision motor operates the firing mechanism. The M4 rifle's features are beneficial because:

  • The flashlight element illuminates bright, bold beams that simplify aiming in wilderness environments.
  • The scope can pinpoint targets that are several yards away.
  • The practical grip reduces jitters that can impact aim.

Because the motor has automatic firing components, you can quickly hit moving targets. By holding down the trigger, the gun will continue to fire many pellets.