Airline Travel

Airline Travel

Whether you need a break from everyday life, want to get somewhere quickly, or would like to fulfill dreams of visiting a far-off destination, air travel can provide your path to adventure. By spending a few hours in flight on an airline like United, you can find yourself in Mexico or Singapore. With a bit of planning, you may find yourself on a trip traveling a convenient route.

What is involved in domestic travel?

Domestic travel is when your departure and arrival points are within the United States. All you must have is an air ticket and a government-issued photo identification. Tickets vary according to your class of service, date, and whether you take just a carry-on or check-in a bag. Food and drink can generally be purchased on board.

What is needed for international travel?

International travel takes you beyond the borders of the US into another country. At minimum, you need a passport, which you can easily get at the post office or public library. Many countries in Europe, Asia, and Latin America require only this document for Americans. However, some countries also require a visa, which you can apply for at the country’s embassy in the US. Allow at least four to six weeks before departure to receive the visa.

What classes of service are available?

The initial class of service is called Economy, which entitles you to carry on luggage and a reclining seat. Options for meals, drinks, and check-in luggage are available. Building on this initial class, Business adds access to a lounge, allows priority boarding, accepts checked-in luggage, and puts you in seats that often lie flat when you want to sleep. The service includes meals and drinks served at specific times. Finally, First Class includes all the amenities of Business Class plus an intimate cabin with fewer seats. Each individual space may be enclosed into a suite that shuts off with a door for privacy. Food is often cooked to order and includes champagne and multiple wine options.

What international destinations are within easy reach of US airlines?

Many airlines make multiple flights per day from the United States to such European destinations as Paris, London, Madrid, and Rome. You can also search for closer vacation spots like colonial cities in Mexico, Caribbean beaches, and Canada’s wilderness areas. Heading across the Pacific on your chosen airline, you can explore Tokyo, Hong Kong, Bangkok, and Singapore.