Useful and Powerful Air Tools

Air-powered tools are powered by compressed air. These pneumatic tools are lightweight and portable, and they do the work much faster than their counterparts. You can find great deals for inexpensive, used pneumatic tools easily online on eBay.

Types of air-powered tools

There are many different types of air-powered tools that are used in all types of work, such as in auto shops, factories, construction, and many other jobs that require tools with high power and precision abilities. These are just some of the pneumatic tools you can use:

  • Drill - You can make deep holes in boards of differing lengths in just seconds. A drill can make a hole through metal and will not overheat.
  • Orbital Sander - An orbital sander moves in random, circular directions in a manner that prevents sanding marks on the surface.
  • Air Hammer - An air hammer can carve stone and cut metal, and it can also use attached extension tools like an exhaust-cutter, a ball-joint separator, and a rubber-bushing splitter.
  • Brad Nailer - You can nail brads in split seconds.
  • Grease Gun - A grease gun that is powered by compressed air is an important tool for lubricating engine parts.
  • Angle Grinder - An angle grinder is good for trimming edges and cutting out shapes from sheet metal.
  • Hydraulic Riveter - A hydraulic riveter can make holes easily and quickly with a pneumatic riveter that uses hydraulic oil.
  • Speed Saw - A saw becomes a speed saw when it is powered by compressed air.
  • Nail Guns - With a framing nail gun, you can hammer nails up and down a piece of wood in a matter of minutes, and they will all be perfectly straight.
  • Paint Sprayer - An air-powered paint sprayer will paint without leaving streaks or brush strokes and eliminates air and moisture in the paint.

What powers air-powered tools?

Factories use large air compressors to operate their heavy, pneumatic machines and tools. People with smaller operations can use small, portable air compressors that are efficient at powering a multitude of hand-held tools.

Are air-powered tools power tools?

Power tools can be air-powered or electric-powered. Air compressor power tools are usually stronger and deliver a great amount of punch. They can be adjusted by the amount of air you supply to them during jobs. However, electric tools are being made more powerful with new technologies, and the differences are becoming smaller.