Air Rifles

Buying Inexpensive Air Rifles on eBay

If you have ever missed a target from close range, then it’s time to hone your skills by selecting a desirable and stylish air rifle. Dating back to 1580, these guns are known for their role in special sniper detachments during warfare. Take a look at these marvels of engineering as you can buy a variety of inexpensive new and used air rifles for sale on eBay.

What types of air rifles are there?

Since the widespread use of the air rifle, numerous variations have been introduced. However, the following are the three most recognized types of air rifles:

  • Spring Piston - These are the most common type of air rifle, and they operate using a spring-loaded piston pump. Most spring-piston guns are single-shot breech-loaders, but repeaters were also introduced in recent years.
  • Gas Spring - Some newer models of air rifles for sale are known to operate using a gas spring instead of the mechanical spring found in the spring piston guns. They have less lateral vibration, making it easier for the gun to hold and achieve consistent aims in a short duration.
  • Pneumatic Guns - Also known as pump-action or pump air guns, these rifles use an on-board air pump to discharge the stored air, which propels the pellet to a greater distance.
What air gun calibers are available?

The most common air gun calibers are 4.5mm, 5.5mm, and 5.6mm. However, you could also find an air rifle for sale that has a different dimension, such as 5mm, 6.35mm, or 7.62mm. PCP air rifles made by various manufacturers use calibers greater than 9mm. You may also find custom-designed air guns on eBay that have even larger calibers.

The ISSF endorses the most common 4.5mm-caliber air rifles for target shooting in the Olympics at 10m range. That's because this caliber has the flattest trajectory, making it easier to take accurate aim. Besides 4.5mm, numerous individuals also use 5.5mm or 5.6mm caliber to achieve accuracy. These calibers are not endorsed by ISSF, but these are widely used to aim at a target from a greater range.

What are the advantages of air rifles?

Most new and used air rifles for sale are usually quieter than standard firearms, which means you can use them in places that are often restricted from firearms. The makeup of the air rifles makes them more accurate compared to firearms. If you need to improve your target shooting skills, then the air rifle could be the right choice for you. Most air guns for sale are unregulated and inexpensive compared to purchasing firearms, enabling everyone to practice shooting in a safe environment.