Advent Calendars

Advent Calendars

Advent calendars are a religious tradition for many Christians as a way to remember counting down to the days before Christmas. Although the beginning Sunday of advent falls on different days each year, the advent calendar starts between November 27 - December 3. When you're looking for a fun way to count down to Christmas, a Christmas advent calendar is a unque way to do so.

What is advent?

Advent is known as the holiday season that begins the four Sundays before Christmas. It's a way to observe the coming of Christ into the world though many people also use it for children to let them anticipate when Santa arrives. An advent calendar offers you a unique way to do the countdown to Christmas.

What's inside the calendar?

Adults and children alike love to open each day to reveal what is included inside for each specific day. Some of the vintage German calendars are used as decor and will depict a different picture for each day. Others will have candy, ornaments, or something festive inside.

  • By day: Each is given its own opening.
  • Open the door: If it includes a hinge, you can reveal an item inside.
  • Design: Vintage and new calendar designs are available to depict a holiday scene.
  • One-time use: The one-time use calendars will often have chocolate or another type of candy.
  • Reusable: The calendar models that are reusable allow you to decide what goes inside the calendar year after year.
What are the traditional styles of a Christmas advent calendar?

You will find that a vintage advent calendar will have all sorts of designs. Even the newer calendars will offer some fun decor with Santa and other holiday scenes.

  • Mini vs. full size: There are all sorts of sizes for an advent calendar, allowing you to choose a mini for little ones or full-size ones for adults.
  • Paper vs. wood: A paper advent calendar often involves tearing off the doors while the wooden ones have a hinge to open.
  • Doors: The days reveal a small gift or decorative picture.
How do you shop for an advent calendar?

When you decide to purchase an advent calendar, you have to choose among many different designs.

  • Size: Determine how large you want the calendar to be for the advent season.
  • Theme: Decide on a vintage advent calendar or even one with a favorite Christmas character on it, such as Santa or snowmen.
  • Material: Wood and paper are the two most common materials for an advent calendar.