Acrylic Nail Powders & Liquids

What to Look for When Purchasing Acrylic Nail Powders and Liquids

A perfect manicure contributes to the highly polished look of a well-groomed lady. If you want to achieve nail-salon perfection in your manicure or you work to create perfect nails for others, a good choice would be to purchase acrylic nail powders or liquids. eBay gives you many options of acrylic nail powders to choose from.

The difference between acrylic nail liquid and powder

You can buy both acrylic liquid and acrylic powders on eBay. Acrylic powders are also referred to as dipping powders. While the two are very similar, the main difference between them is in their bonding agents. The dip or powder requires a super gluing agent to be applied. The liquid acrylics need a monomer to create the nails. The acrylic liquid is more time-consuming, costs more, and lasts longer than the dip. The dip is much safer to use in the long run and is less invasive to the nail. The layers that the powder creates are not as thick as the ones created with the liquid.

What do acrylic kits include?

You can choose a single type of liquid or powder, or alternatively, purchase a brand-new acrylic kit. This includes everything you need for a complete manicure. Some nail kits include multiple colors of acrylic powders and liquids that you can experiment with to try out different colors before picking a large batch of a single shade.

Features of acrylic powders and liquids

With these types of colored products, you get different features. These include:

  • Fast cure time powder: This type of powder is made to stick to the nail as fast as possible and be quicker to apply and set on the nail.
  • Fine ground powder: The powder of these products is extra fine for a more smooth finish.
  • Glow-in-the-dark: Some acrylic liquids look like the others during the daytime but glow as soon as the lights are turned off.
  • Odourless: Acrylic has a typical strong smell that you might have encountered at nail salons. If you find this smell unpleasant, you can find products that are odourless.
  • Slow cure time powder: Some powders are made to set at a slower rate if you need to make extra decorations before the color is completely set.
  • UV filter: Because acrylic liquids and powders are made to last a long time, they can be affected by external conditions with their long wear. The UV light and the light from tanning salons can make the color of the nails turn a little more yellow or fade out. For this reason, some or most of the acrylic products contain a UV filter that protects your nail color from the UV light.
  • Holographic and glitter: Some nail dipping powders and acrylic liquids have glitter added to them for shine and beauty. Holographic nails have a special mix of magnesium and aluminium particles to make them reflect light for a holographic effect.