Enjoy Summer in an Above Ground Pool

When the temperatures rise, it can be refreshing to jump in your pool to cool off. Above-ground pools for sale on eBay are much more affordable than their counterparts, and buying a used eBay above ground pool is a smart idea to save money.

What size pool do I need?

Above ground pools for sale come in various sizes, with most of them being circular or oval. In general, used round pools can be affordable, and installation is fairly straightforward. Oval pools, with their extended length, can accommodate people who want to swim laps or set up a basketball hoop or volleyball net in the water. Small, cheap above ground pools can fit a few people comfortably, and they could measure 12 feet by 20 feet or 15 feet in diameter. Medium pools for sale can be 16 feet by 32 feet or 20 to 24 feet in diameter. At the high end, you'll see pools up to 20 feet by 40 feet or 28 feet in diameter. See the manufacturer site for details. Measure your yard to see what size pool would be comfortable given your space. Allow room for any type of deck that you may be planning, and decide whether you want to landscape around the pool as well.

What type of material is used in these pools?

Steel is commonly used in cheap used pools for sale. With a steel pool, you'll most likely use chlorine to sanitize the water, and steel is a good choice if you know you're going to use fresh water. You could also get a pool made from a hybrid of resin and steel. These types of eBay above ground pools are usually more expensive, and they can accommodate both chlorinated and saltwater systems.

In terms of the liner, your choices include:

  • Overlap vinyl liner: Many cheap above ground pools are made with these liners. They're attached to walls with coping strips, and they hang over the wall.
  • Unibead vinyl liner: Unibead vinyl liners have a cleaner look to them because they don't have excess material hanging over the side. They can come in additional patterns to give a more custom look.
  • Beaded vinyl liner: These snap into place and have a more professional look. They also come in different colors and designs.
Inflatable eBay above ground pools

To really save money, you could consider an inflatable above ground pool. This doesn't require making any significant changes to your yard. Inflatable pools can be put up quickly and take-down is just as easy. They're ideal for use by one to two people or by families with young kids.