Aaron Basha Baby Shoe Charms

Everything You Need to Know About Choosing Aaron Basha Baby Shoes

When you are looking for something with sparkle and shine, a charm for a bracelet or necklace is a wise choice. These cute shoe charms feature quality gemstones and gold, making them an ideal addition to your collection of fine jewelry. You can choose from many colors, styles, gemstones, and types of gold in these new or vintage Aaron Basha baby shoe charms, available on eBay.

Essentials to look for in Aaron Basha baby shoes

Three essentials to look for in the Aaron Basha baby shoe charms on eBay include the following:

  • Gemstones: The shoe charms may include gemstones such as diamonds, sapphires, or rubies.
  • Gemstone carat weight: The total carats of the gemstones range from 0.01 to 0.10.
  • Grade of gold: The shoe charms are available in 10-, 14-, and 18-carat gold.
How do you choose an Aaron Basha baby shoe style?

When choosing a baby shoe style from the Aaron Basha collection on eBay, keep the following in mind:

  • Color of gold: There are white, yellow, and rose gold options.
  • Color of enamel: The hand-painted charms include enamel colors such as yellow, pink, and blue.
  • Shoe type: Choose a buckle shoe, lace-up shoe, saddle shoe, or shoe with a strap.
  • Shoe design: Some of the designs on the shoes include yellow ducks, colorful flowers, and colorful hearts.
Features of the Aaron Basha baby shoe charms

There are four key features of Aaron Basha baby shoe charms. The first is the artist's signature. The Aaron Basha signature or initials "AB" are located on the bottom of the charm. The second type of feature is the type of decoration. The charms may be painted or have gemstones attached. The third feature is the adornment. Some of the charms offer bows, laces, or buckles as a part of the shoe's design. The fourth feature is the jump ring. The jump rings are fused closed and accommodate a necklace chain, leather cord, or bangle charm bracelet.

What to consider when selecting an Aaron Basha baby shoe

There are five key characteristics to look for in an Aaron Basha baby shoe on eBay, and they include the following:

  • Condition: Choose a new or used baby shoe charm.
  • Status: Select a charm that has been retired or one that is still in production.
  • Weight: The charms weigh 2 to 15 grams each.
  • Paint: Some of the baby shoe charms are hand-painted.
  • Authenticity certificate: Some of the charms come with a certificate of authenticity.
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