An ATV Can Take You to New Places

When nature beckons you to take advantage of what it has to offer, hopping onto a durable ATV and heading into the woods or the field is a great experience. You can find a new or used ATV for sale on eBay.

What engine size can you buy?

As you look at affordable quads for sale, you will see that there are different engine sizes. In general, the following information applies:

  • 70cc and below: These are relatively low-powered 4 wheelers, which are good for smaller riders, true beginners, and children under 11. Top speed on these models may be 25 mph.
  • 70cc to 90cc: Younger teens and smaller riders may be comfortable with this type of engine, which can travel at speeds around 30 mph.
  • 125cc to 250cc: Adults or older teens starting out might try something with this engine size, which could be capable of going approximately 40 to 50 mph.
  • 250cc and above: These larger engines on some 4 wheelers for sale are suited for intermediate and advanced riders who can handle the power and top speeds of over 50 mph.

Also note that the engine could be paired with a standard gearbox or a continuously variable automatic transmission (CVT). With a CVT, shifting will be automatic. Otherwise, manual shifting has to be done via a foot-pedal shifter or handlebar shifter.

What safety measures are there on ATVs?

If you are looking at four wheelers for sale for children or beginners, rest assured that they come with safety features. They include:

  • Remote control kill switch
  • Emergency cord that can be pulled to kill the engine
  • Speed governor so that the rider cannot exceed the restrictions
What features make ATVs ready for off-roading?

There are many design elements that make ATVs ideal for going off the paved road, such as:

  • Wheels: Sturdy wheels on an ATV for sale can measure between 8 to 12 inches in diameter and be up to 8 inches wide. See the manufacturer site for details. Aluminum and steel wheels are commonly found on used ATVs for sale.
  • Tires: For rugged terrain, look for tires with aggressive treads that have lugs, bars, or paddles that let them dig into the dirt. If you are riding on grass, shallower treads may be better. Winter tires are specifically designed for cold conditions, and some come with studs.
  • Suspension: A suspension system, consisting of shocks and springs, will absorb some of the impact as you navigate uneven terrain. Some ATVs will allow for some adjustment so that you can find the right fit, whereas others will be pre-set.