Unlocking AT&T Premium iPhones

Unlocking services abound on the Internet for the AT&T premium unlock service. But, the concept of "buyer beware" still applies when it comes to unknown Internet companies offering an ATT unlock service. Many buyers have lost money from fraudulent firms. Yet, you can avoid these firms by choosing to use eBay's unlock services, which provide the great customer service support you receive when purchasing from eBay.

Using the AT&T iPhone premium unlock service

Since most of Apple's previous iPhones were locked to a specific carrier, you have to call that carrier to unlock the phone or you could use an AT&T premium unlock service. For example, if you obtain a locked AT&T iPhone, you would unlock that iPhone x att with the AT&T premium unlock service. This service is regularly sold on eBay very inexpensively with thousands of satisfied buyers. And, the service is called AT&T iPhone premium unlock service and works with most previous models of iPhones. The ATT unlock service works with these specific iPhone models:

  • iPhones 3, 4, and 5
  • iPhones 6, the 6S, and SE
  • iPhones 7, 8, and the X
Why the att unlock service is necessary

Life happens and so customers don't always pay bills and leave the balance attached to an iPhone. So, if you receive an iPhone with an unpaid bill, you will need to unlock AT&T iPhone unpaid bill. Likewise, you may receive a phone still under a purchase contract that was also not paid. So, you will also need to unlock iPhone at&t under contract. Another instance of needing to unlock iPhone x ATT is when you need to unlock a financed AT&T phone or you need a premium to unlock on an iPhone x. So, on eBay you will find the AT&T iPhone premium unlock service in the "other specialty services" and "specialty services" category.

How long does the at&t premium unlock service take?

Usually, the AT&T iPhone premium unlock service takes around several minutes to complete. Exceptions usually take between four to 30 hours to for the ATT unlock service to work. The time frame depends on what type of IMEI number that your iPhone has. The newer iPhone models will be faster than the older iPhone models. As previously mentioned, you can contact eBay's customer service for additional assistance with the AT&T premium unlock if needed.

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