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ASICS Shoes for Women

ASICS designs athletic shoes for women that help to promote fitness by taking their special needs into account. Among its products are running shoes known for their efficiency and comfort. ASICS builds upon technological advances to meet the needs of the human body for athletic gear.

What distinguishes ASICS women's running shoes?

Before the invention of the women's running shoes, women used to wear smaller varieties of men's running shoes. However, ASICS makes shoes that take into account the structural differences between women and men. Scientists conducted research that revealed that women have lower-limb biomechanics and different gait patterns when compared to men. Women's feet also change as their estrogen levels increase and decrease: Being a soft tissue relaxant, estrogen lowers a woman's arch height, affecting the foot size.

The shape of women's feet also differs from that of men's feet. In addition to the smaller size, women also have a different forefoot-to-heel ratio, with the heel being narrower than the forefoot. When women wear men's running shoes, this usually leads to heel slippage and can eventually cause instability and chafing. Previous cushioning was also based on men's designs and was denser than what women generally need. Based on these findings, ASICS used a gender-specific approach when designing running shoes, while focusing on improving the safety, performance, and comfort of the wearer.

To ensure that the shoes suit the needs of wearers, ASICS employs gel cushioning in most of the shoes. For women's styles, the company changed its Space Trusstic, a plastic bridge under the arch of the shoe that is designed for strength and stability, to allow for women's lowered arch height and provide enough space for plantar fascia to develop tension. Therefore, ASICs shoes for women give the female foot the right levels of flexibility and support as it goes through the gait cycle.

What types of ASICS shoes are available for women?

ASICS offers running shoes designed specifically for each gender. Here are some of the types of ASICS women's shoes:

  • GT-2000 5.
  • GEL-Quantum 360 Shift, GEL-Exalt 4, GEL-Quantum 360 Knit, and GEL-Feather Glide 4.
  • Dynaflyte Paris.
  • GEL-Kayano 24 GS.
  • Fujirado.
  • GEL-Contend 4, GEL-Nimbus 19, GEL-DS Trainer 22, GEL-Kinsei 6, GEL-Cumulus 19, GEL-Fortitude 7, and GEL-Hyper Speed 7.
  • Onitsuka Tiger A-T.
What sizes are available in ASICS women's shoes?

This manufacturer makes women's shoes in U.S. sizes from 5 to 12.5. Not all sizes are available in all models. Different widths are available in certain models if you need a wider or narrower shoe for the perfect fit.

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