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ABS System Parts for Audi A6

The ABS system is a major component of your Audi A6’s safety system. When you need to find replacement parts for your vehicle, there are many options available. Here are some questions that may come up when making a selection.

What is an ABS system?

The anti-lock braking system consists of a series of sensors, valves, pumps, and a controller. These components work together to adjust the pressure applied to the brake disks at different speeds. Some vehicles are equipped with an electronic stability control system, which adds additional sensors such as a steering wheel angle and gyroscopic sensor to the anti-lock braking system.

What are some of the parts of an ABS?
  • Pump: This component restores pressure to the brakes and works in conjunction with the valves. The pump will activate after the valve relieves the pressure.
  • Controller: This system receives data from each of the wheels and adjusts the amount of brake force accordingly when a wheel loses traction.
  • Speed sensors: Each wheel will contain a speed sensor that measures the wheel speed. When one wheel is spinning faster or slower than the others, the sensors will send a signal to the controller to adjust the brakes.
  • Valves: Each brake disk will have a valve attached to the line. A valve will be in one of three positions. When opened, the valve allows pressure to flow freely. The pressure will stay constant when the valve is closed. The valve can also be partially open to relieve a portion of the pressure.
How do you choose parts for your ABS system?
  • Select a brand: You can choose from OEM, aftermarket, and unbranded options. You can use the VIN located near the hood of your Audi to search for compatible components.
  • Select a placement: Some components, such as the speed sensors, will be different depending on which wheel the sensor is mounted.
  • Choose a component: Some system parts will contain more than one component in an assembly.
What are channels?

Anti-lock braking systems can differ by the number of channels that they contain. The number of channels will determine how many valves and sensors are contained in the system. Four-channel systems will allow the controller to monitor and adjust each individual wheel, while a three-channel system will have a single valve and sensor for the rear wheels.

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