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Pontiac Grand Prix A/C and Heater Controls

When you cruise around town in your Pontiac Grand Prix, you can be comfortable regardless of the temperature outside. You simply need a working HVAC unit that you can control. With functional control knobs, you can keep the air inside your Grand Prix at the perfect temperature all the time.

Can you get one knob instead of the whole piece?

When the A/C and heating control panel on your Pontiac Grand Prix is in proper working condition, you can purchase a knob for it separately. You can also buy a three-knob set. Each knob can be used to control the fan speed, the temperature, and the vent airflow. Whether your Grand Prix is a sedan or a coupe, its HVAC system should work efficiently with standard parts.

Do all Pontiac models use the same temperature control panel?

Some Pontiac Grand Prix and Grand Am models within specific years use the same panel. For example, one panel fits Grand Prix models from 1997 through 2003 and Pontiac Grand Ams from 1999 through 2005. Parts for older Pontiacs may fit models from only two or three years. For instance, some A/C and heater controls are made for only Pontiac Grand Prix models from the years 1994 through 1996. Pontiac Grand Prix sedans and coupes from the same year can use the same panel and knobs.

How do A/C and heater controls for Pontiac vehicles differ?

The A/C and heating controls in most Pontiacs include three round knobs. The colors may vary with black panels sometimes matched with dark or light-gray knobs. The fan speed numbers and vent icons may be printed on the panel or the knob itself. On Grand Prix models from the years 2001 through 2003, the panel has two knobs and two vertical temperature controls. You must slide the vertical controls up and down to set the temperature inside your Grand Prix; one vertical control is for the driver side, and the other is for the passenger side.

What are HVAC or blend door actuators on Pontiac cars?

Blend door (HVAC) actuators adjust the positions of your car's vents so that the system can reach the desired temperature. A vent's position controls the airflow in your Grand Prix. Actuators are little motors that mix together hot and cold air by moving the vent doors. As the doors pivot, they push cool and warm air into passages so that your car stays at the right temperature. The actuator is situated behind your Pontiac's dashboard inside the heat and air assembly, so many parts generally have to be taken out of your Pontiac Grand Prix to reach the actuators.