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Jeep Cherokee A/C and Heater Controls

The Jeep Cherokee is a vehicle that has moved through multiple classes, including full-size sport utility, compact, and crossover. In continuous production since 1974, it has encompassed five generations of functionality and styling updates as well as multiple trims, such as the Jeep Grand Cherokee. Over time, routine wear and tear may necessitate that you replace the heating or A/C controlling units in your Jeep.

What are the features of Cherokee A/C and heater controls?
  • Use of symbols and colors to explain control functionality: The knobs, switches, and face plates of the heating and air conditioning controllers are labeled with symbols in order to demonstrate their functionality. The temperature knobs use blue for cool A/C and red for warm air when setting the temperature for the cabin.
  • Ergonomic design for the knobs and switches: The knobs and switches on the climate control panel are ergonomically designed for easy use. They can be operated with your right or left hand and from either the driver's side or the passenger's side of the SUV.
  • Wired harnesses for ease of installation: If you need to install a new climate control panel, relay, or switch, the harness is typically already wired with the proper fuses and insulated wires that are needed to connect it to the core, thermostat, and battery.
How do you choose Jeep Cherokee A/C and heater controls?
  • Choose the type of control: Select a switch that turns the blower motor or fan on or off, a knob for the climate control panel, or an entire climate control panel assembly with wire harness and face plate bezel. There are also actuators, regulators, and relays for the warmer and the A/C.
  • Select the model year of your Jeep: Choose the model year of your vehicle. Different model years have different face plate bezel styles and sizes for the climate control panel. Different years also use different chemical coolants and require specific switches or relays for the cooling equipment.
  • Choose a manufacturer for the A/C and heat controls: Choose Jeep or Chrysler as the original equipment manufacturer of the controls. There are also parts made by other manufacturers, including BWD Automotive, Dorman, Four Seasons, Mopar, and Standard Motor Products. You could also choose unbranded controller units.
What are the types of Jeep Cherokee A/C and heater controls?

There are several types of controls for the heat and A/C in the Cherokee. One category of these parts is sensors. They send real-time information to the thermostat and airflow blower in order to maintain the temperature setting for the passenger compartment. Another type is the fan control switch, which turns the fan and blower off and on. You can also choose full climate control panels. These products contain the knobs, switches, face plate, bezel, and wiring harness for controlling the speed, direction of the airflow, and the temperature of the air that is blown into the cabin.