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Frequently Asked Questions about Car Rear View Monitors

Rear view monitors and cameras mounted in your vehicle can aid you in backing up the car. You can select from a variety of display designs and cameras to upgrade your vehicle. Here are some questions that may come up when looking for rear view monitors.

What is a TFT display?

Some TFT LCDs will have thin-film transistors that allows for a thin design called TFT displays. This allows the displays to be thin enough to fit in a compact frame. TFT displays are considered active matrix displays since their pixels are charged at all times, delivering images in HD.

What types of rear view monitors are available?
  • Replacement rear view mirror: This type of TFT LCD replaces the existing rear view mirror and incorporates an LCD monitor into the design. Some models will attach a separate screen to the right or left of the mirror and clip onto the panel. These screens are designed to turn on and activate the rear camera when the vehicle is put into the reverse gear, making it so that you no longer have to turn and struggle to see around your headrest when you need to back up your vehicle.
  • In-dash display: This type of screen typically replaces the the section where the radio or CD player is located. Some in-dash displays will have touch-screens along with multimedia functions to take over for what the CD player control panel would do.
  • On-dash: These displays sit on top of your dash and are connected by either a suction cup for temporary ones or a mount that is screwed or glued onto the dash panels for permanent ones.
How do you select a rearview TFT monitor?
  • Review your vehicle information: You will want to know what power options are available so that you can select a TFT LCD display that can support the voltage requirements.
  • Select a power source: Some models can be powered with your cigarette lighter, while others can be wired into your electrical system.
  • Choose a brand: There are different types of branded and unbranded TFT LCD monitors available.
  • Select a camera option: You can select from wired technology and wireless options. Wireless options will have a receiver built into their monitors to accept the camera signals.
  • Choose a display size: Larger resolutions may have a split design that allows you to use one or more cameras in a system. Check the contrast ratio to ensure your video output will be satisfactory for your needs.
What types of kits are available?
  • Wireless: The camera end will have both a receiver and transmitter. The receiver will receive signals from the TFT LCD monitor, such as when the the vehicle is put in reverse. This notifies the camera to turn on and transmit the feed to the LCD monitor. These cameras will connect to the power in the taillight section.
  • Wired: Wired camera and monitor kits will have a wire ran from the camera up to the monitor. This allows the signals to travel via a video cable, and the camera can be powered from the input monitor.
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