6 Volt Golf Cart Batteries

Power Your Sporting Vehicle With a 6-Volt Golf Cart Battery

A 6-volt golf cart battery can power several makes and models of carts for your convenience. You'll find a wide selection of affordable cart batteries from several brands on eBay. Understanding the types of 6-volt golf cart batteries you can get and how they work can help you find the right one for your needs. 

What types of 6-volt golf cart batteries can you get?

The 6-volt battery model comes in two main types. You will find both types on offer from several brands on eBay. Each type has its uses, and the one that works for you will depend on your situation and preference.  

  • Standard - The standard battery has a high capacity that is designed to power your golf cart for extended periods of use. You can browse through standard 6-volt golf cart batteries by brand and choose the one that fits your needs.
  • Rechargeable - Rechargeable batteries can cycle down to their lowest power output and charge up again for another use. The rechargeable 6-volt cart battery is available on eBay in various chemical compositions.

6-volt golf cart battery compositions 

Most of the 6-volt golf cart batteries you will find on eBay are some variation of the lead-acid battery chemical composition. Understanding some of the features of the lead-acid battery and similar types can help you find the golf cart battery that works for your situation. Some of the most common lead-acid batteries that power golf carts are described here:  

  • AGM - Absorbent glass mat batteries are somewhat lighter than their standard counterparts. A special liquid compound delivers the electrical current throughout the battery, and the glass mat makes sure that compound won't spill even if the battery is at an odd angle.
  • Original - Standard lead-acid 6-volt golf cart batteries and their variations are designed to provide reliable electrical charges over long periods of time. They are a good choice if you need to deep-cycle your battery during use.

Purchasing a used 6-volt golf cart battery 

eBay seeks to provide you with a huge array of 6-volt batteries from which to choose. You can find brand new batteries from several prominent brands, but pre-owned 6-volt golf cart batteries are also available. You may wish to purchase a used 6-volt golf cart battery at an affordable price. In some cases, these pre-owned batteries are part of a set, and you can purchase several compatible batteries in one convenient package.