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Tips for Choosing SDHC Memory Cards for Your Camera

Secure digital high capacity memory, or SDHC, is a type of memory card used in devices like digital cameras. These cards enable you to store digital photos and video in the form of raw data that you can transfer to a computer for printing or editing. SDHC memory cards are available with 4 GB of storage space from several brands in the electronics industry.

What are some common features of memory cards?

Cards that store data come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but most of them serve the same basic function of keeping data you can use in conjunction with your digital devices. The specific features of each memory card can vary depending on the precise brand and model of product you choose. However, many of these accessories can share common features like:

  • A relatively small physical size that can make them easy to carry with you when necessary
  • The ability to retain the data you write to them without the need for a power supply
  • The ability to transfer data on one card to a separate device if the card is compatible
  • No moving parts that could become disconnected and lost
What brands are compatible with 4 GB SDHC cards?

If you prefer to match your digital cameras or other devices to memory cards of the same brand, you can choose from some common options:

  • SanDisk
  • Kingston
  • Lexar
  • Samsung
  • Panasonic
  • Sony
  • Transcend
  • Verbatim
Do SDHC cards operate at different speeds?

You can select these cards in a range of writing and operating speeds to meet your needs. You can select to use a particular speed for capturing still photos and another speed for full high-definition recording, for example. The speed of a card usually denotes how quickly it recovers from writing data and allows you to perform another task. Some common speed variations for these cards include:

  • Class 2: These offer speeds that may be useful for standard photographic stills.
  • Class 4 These have speeds that may be useful for HD videos and continuous photographs.
  • Class 6 Ideal for full 1080p resolution video recording.
  • Class 10 Suitable for 1080p videos or high-resolution SLR photography.
How do you transfer data from cards to computers?

Performing a data transfer can allow you to view and edit the photos or videos on your computer, print stills, or share the content with other people. While each card may have specific instructions according to the manufacturer's website, you may wish to use the steps below as a guide:

  1. Remove your memory card from your digital camera
  2. Insert the card into your computer's built-in reader or an external one.
  3. Allow the reader to check the data on the card and update any drivers it needs.
  4. Locate the card's folder location on your computer and view the contents of that folder.
  5. Copy or move content you wish to edit or keep to the computer folder of your choice.
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