A Buyer's Guide to Choosing a 46-Inch TV

The right type and size of television makes a big difference in your level of enjoyment when watching sports games, movies, and shows. Playing video games may also be more enjoyable when you have the right size and type of TV so that you can see all of the action in fine detail. On eBay, you can find many different display technologies, features, brands, and resolution levels for new and used 46-inch TV sets, available for various prices.

What are the display technology options for a 46-inch TV?

The display technology options for the 46-inch TV sets on eBay include:

  • CRT: Cathode ray tubes illuminate a panel that shows the images on the glass.
  • LCD: A fluorescent lamp illuminates the liquid crystal display.
  • LED: Light-emitting diodes along the edges or in a spread-out arrangement illuminate the crystal panel.
  • Plasma: Gases trapped between two glass panels illuminate the crystal panel.
  • Rear projection: A lens and mirror assembly display the picture on the television's panel. It is a second-generation type of CRT display.
What are some of the features of 46-inch TVs?

The available features include:

  • Picture-in-picture: You can watch two shows at the same time with this feature.
  • Virtual surround: The TV has built-in surround-sound speakers.
  • Wide screen: The TV has a 16:9 viewing ratio of width to height.
  • Flat screen: This TV design has a slim profile with a thin bezel.
  • HDTV enabled: The TV picks up HDTV signals from local stations and converts the signals itself.
What are the connectivity, inputs, and outputs for 46-inch TVs?

The connectivity, inputs, and outputs include:

  • USB: There may be up to two USB 1.0, 2.0, or 3.0 ports for connecting media with stored data.
  • Bluetooth: Connect other Bluetooth-compatible devices such as speakers, game controllers, or headphones to your television.
  • Ethernet: Use Ethernet cable to wire your TV to the router.
  • Headphone jack: A standard-size headphone jack allows you to connect wired headphones or earbuds.
  • Wi-Fi: This feature connects the TV to your internet router.
How do you choose a 46-inch TV on eBay?

When shopping for a 46-inch TV on eBay, consider its:

  • Brand: Some of the options include LG, RCA, Samsung, Sony, Sharp, and Vizio.
  • Color: Choose from black, blue, gray, silver, or white.
  • Smart control: Some options include downloadable apps and internet browsing.
  • Refresh rate: The rate ranges from 60 to 240 Hz.
  • Condition: Select new, used, or manufacturer's refurbished 46-inch TVs.