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Capturing Beautiful Footage With a 3D Robotics Drone

The boundaries of photography and videography are constantly increasing as newer and more innovative technologies hit the market with each passing year. For the longest time, this technology confined itself to the ground, either held by the operator or activated close by with a remote. But times are changing, and with the advent of the drone industry, companies realized that they can combine drone technology with photo technology in order to push the limits even further. One such drone is from 3D Robotics. While these drones used to be outside of the consumer price range, they are now within the grasp of the everyday photographer and videographer. Now anyone can use a simple controller to shoot aerial footage that will truly shine.

What Are the Uses of a Camera Drone?

While previously, camera drones were only useful to professionals, many amateurs who wish to capture aerial footage or pictures now use them.

  • One primary use of a camera drone is for cinematographic reasons. Shooting video from the sky is a fast way to up the perceived quality of your video, whether you are capturing the main action or shooting some beautiful scenic B-roll.
  • Camera drones also see a lot of use in the field of athletics. They are very useful for capturing sporting games and extreme sports, like sky diving or base jumping. You can easily control camera drones from the ground, with separate controls for both the camera and the drone itself, allowing you to have full creative control over the final product.

What Are the Advantages of a 3D Robotics Drone?

A ready-to-fly drone from 3DR is the Solo drone. The full-featured 3DR Solo has many benefits and features that make it a viable choice for videographers and photographers.

  • The 3DR Solo drone has simple and intuitive controls, meaning that users of every skill level can quickly and easily operate it.
  • This smart drone also has multiple autonomous flight modes, meaning you can focus on directing the action while the drone captures footage on its own.
  • It has a very durable design, meaning it is better than other more delicate drones at surviving falls and other accidents. The 3D Robotics Solo is therefore a valid choice for those who are doing extreme sports.

What Are the Specifications of the 3D Robotics Drone?

  • When deciding if this drone is right for you, it's important to know its specifications.
  • This drone has a top speed of 55 miles per hour, allowing it to go quite fast while it captures high-quality footage.
  • The 3DR contains a rechargeable 5,200 mAh lithium ion battery that allows for 25 minutes of flight time without the camera, and 20 minutes of fight time when the camera is operating. The recharge time takes approximately an hour and a half to go to a full charge.
  • This drone has a maximum distance of about a half mile, and reliable live HD video of about a quarter mile.