Enjoy Movies, Play Video Games, and More Using a 29-Inch Monitor

A 29-inch computer monitor is large enough for movies, television shows, and video games. The average screen ratio for a 29 monitor is 21:9, which is suitable for wide-format content. Many affordable options can be found in this vast eBay collection.

What features are included with a 29-inch monitor?

Monitors that are 29 inches typically have a headphone jack for isolated listening sessions. Many monitors are also designed with a picture-in-picture feature, which makes dual viewing routines easier. You'll also find 29-inch monitors that have:

  • Adaptive sync - Adaptive sync is a feature that benefits video game fans. During fast-paced game sessions, this technology prevents stuttering.
  • Anti-glare - When sunlight shines on a screen that has an anti-glare coating, glare is prevented. This shield can make outdoor viewing sessions on a porch or deck possible.
  • Built-in speakers - Speakers are standard monitor components. When the speakers are built-in, aftermarket, plug-in speakers aren't needed to process sound.
  • Curved screen - A 29-inch curved screen provides a larger radius of viewing angles. The arched design is helpful because it makes the process of watching movies in the corner of a room easier.
What are the input options for 29-inch computer monitors?

USB 2.0, USM 3.0, and USB-C are some of the main inputs that are included with 29-inch monitors. You'll also find multiple monitors with the following inputs:

  • DisplayPort - DisplayPort is an input option that uses a digital interface. This input was developed by reputable manufacturers who specialize in PCs and chips.
  • DVI-D - A DVI-D is an input that only processes a digital signal. This hardware is usually included with LCD televisions.
  • DVI-I - Monitors with DVI-D inputs are compatible with DVI-I hardware. DVI-I hardware works with a DVI-D input by transmitting an analog or digital signal.
  • HDMI - An HDMI port helps a television process a high-definition signal. The number of HDMI ports on a 29-inch monitor will vary.
What are the refresh rate options?

When objects and people move on a monitor, the refresh rate impacts how smoothly everything on the screen is processed. If a monitor has a low refresh rate, fewer frames will be processed every second. To view fast-moving objects on a screen without any stuttering, you'll need a monitor that has a very high refresh rate. The main refresh rate options for 29-inch monitors include:

  • 60 Hz
  • 75 Hz
  • 85 Hz
  • 144 Hz
What are 29-inch screen options?

LED and LCD are the screen options that top product manufacturers use to design their 29-inch monitors. Both options produce bright, bold colors that make movies and games stand out. However, LCD technology shines differently because the bulbs are strategically layered on two panels.